The Commissioner Of Police, Greater Mumbai Issues Orders For Installation Of CCTV Systems In Private Establishments Invoking Section 144 Of Criminal Procedure Code Jan 16, 2021. Full Text of the Order is as follows:- 

CP/XI (6)/144/(Prohibitory Order)/(01)/2021




Whereas, it is observed that, in the jurisdiction of Brihan Mumbai Police Commissionerate incidents of crime occur in public places as well as in the vicinity of private establishments, posing threat to the safety of citizens and thereby, disturbing peace and tranquillity, and the Police is tasked with the responsibility to prevent, investigate and detect crime, and also to collect scientific evidence to bring perpetrators to justice,

And, whereas, in the past, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) camera systems, have helped Police to investigate and detect crime, and also to gather scientific evidence in the form of CCTV footage resulting. in the conviction of perpetrators in courts of law,

And, whereas, installation of CCTV systems will help in building confidence and a sense of security among the citizens, and also deter perpetrators from committing crime as their acts will be recorded.

And, whereas, it is observed that not all private establishments have CCTV systems installed in their premises,

And, whereas, it is observed that in cases where private establishments have CCTV systems installed, The direction and field of view of the cameras are Such that the area outside the establishment is not covered the camera quality is inadequate, the recording capacity is inadequate or non-existents resulting in incidents of crime not being captured and recorded,

And, whereas, the following places are referred to as “private establishments” for the purposes of this order:

1. Banks,

2. ATMs,

3. Financial Institutions,

4. Jewellery Shops,

5. Hotels,

6. Guest Houses,

7. Restaurants,

8. Bars and Pubs,

9. Wine and Beer Shops,

10. Residential Towers,

11. Office Buildings,

12. New and upcoming Residential Towers/Office Buildings,

13. Petrol Pumps,

14. Shopping Complexes,

15. Shopping Malls,

16. Super Markets,

17. Gyms,

18. Sports Grounds, Stadia, Complexes,

19. Halls and Complexes,

20. Educational Institutions

21. Places of Worship,

22. Hospitals,

23. Trusts/Organizations responsible for safety and maintenance of Statues,

Now, therefore I, Chaitnnya. S., Dy. Commissioner of Police (Operations) and Executive Magistrate, Brihan Mumbai Police Commissionerate, in the exercise of the powers conferred upon me under Section 144 of the Criminal , Procedure Code 1973 (Act II of 1974), do hereby order that all private establishments as defined above, shall:

1. Install CCTV system in their premises with cameras of such number, direction and field of view that an area of upto 50 metres from the boundary of the premises is recorded,

2. Ensure that the CCTV system so installed is in working condition at all times,

3. CCTV system of good quality with recording capacity of atleast 15 days, with features to playback the recording and also to take a copy of the same,

4. Provide the recorded CCTV footage to the Police whenever demanded,

5. Inform the Station House Officer (SHO) of their nearest police station in case any suspicious movement or activity is observed in the CCTV system.

This order shall come into force with effect from 09.01.2021 to 09.03.2021 and shall remain in force for period of 60 days (both days inclusive), unless withdrawn earlier, and subject to further extension or modification.

Any contravention of this order shall invite legal action under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code 1860.

As the notice cannot be served individually to all concerned, the order is hereby passed ex-parte. It shall be published for the information of the public through the. Press and by affixing copies on the notice board of all Police Stationsr Divisional ACsP, Zonal DCsP, Tehsil and Municipal Ward offices.

Given under my hand and seal this on 7th day of the January, 2021 at Mumbai.

Office of the
Commissioner of Police

(Chaitanya. S.)
Dy, Commissioner of Police (Operations)
and Executive Magistrate,
Greater Mumbai

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