Central Civil Services Cultural and Sports Board is organizing the Inter-Ministry Music, Dance and Short Play competition 2013-14 from 27th to 30th January, 2015 at C.S.O.I Auditorium, Vinay Marg, New Delhi  and it has issued Circular No. No. 12/1/2013-14-CCSCSB Dated 08.12.2014 in which it has issued Conduct Rules for Government Employees and Conditions for Artists to be deployed at Function.  Circular says that Government Employees can dance in function but they have to abide conduct rules. Some of the interesting conditions are as follows :-


14.  All Male artists in a play should necessarily be amateurs and working in Offices of the Central Government located at Delhi/New Delhi eligible to participate in the competition.

15. Lady artists may be amateurs working in a Central Government Offices at Delhi/New Delhi or the family members of the Central Government employees.

NOTE. Family as indicated above, means a government servant’s wife/husband residing with him/her and legitimate children or step children residing with and wholly dependent upon the him/her. Wives of Central Government employees if serving in non eligible offices are also eligible to participate.

16. Normally all artists participating in a drama in the competition would belong to the Ministry which enters that particular play in the said competition. But where necessary a Ministry may borrow female artists from another Ministry with prior permission of the Board and the Ministry concerned.

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