Tamil Nadu: Man sends ‘bribe’ by demand draft; stuns municipal authorities

Virudhunagar: Vexed over the delay in getting a birth certificate, a man in Virudhunagar hit upon a bizarre idea of sending a demand draft for Rs 100 as bribe to a local body, stunning the municipality authorities who made amends for the lapse and home delivered the document.

Rattled on receiving the DD and the accompanying note which mentioned it as bribe, Municipality Commissioner Sermakani swung into action, reprimanded concerned officials and asked them to deliver the birth certificate at the home of the applicant, who is an auditor.

An official inquiry has been ordered into the incident by the Municipal Administration department, officials said. Palanisamy, a resident of the town, took the step inspired by a banner put up here by the local Congress unit mentioning the “bribe” amount required to be paid for getting things done in the municipality as part of its campaign against alleged corruption in the local body.

He said on Saturday that his son, who got a job in a multi-national company, wanted his birth certificate and he applied for it on May 15 last paying the required fee of Rs 55. The certificate should be given within seven days. But he did not receive it even after 15 days.

Meanwhile, he saw the Congress banner and drew a draft for Rs 100 on June 9 and sent it to the Municipal Commissioner with a copy of the letter to District Collector M Balaji.

Officials of the municipality, including Health officer Baskaran and Chairperson Shanthi met him and pacified him and gave the certificate yesterday, authorities said.

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0 responses to “Man sends ‘bribe’ by demand draft”

  1. r. murali says:

     The person  has done the right thing as he had urgent  and genuine need of the certificate and no one  was  taking action


  2. R. MURALI says:


    He has done the the correct thing . I salute him , Being left with no other alternative  he had to resort to this method of calling the shots
     Our  political leaders learn a lesson . Or else a day may not be far off when  corruption shall be made legal & probably can be claimed as deduction from your income  under the income tax act  Ministers owe crores of rupees to government for   using   telephone   & their phones are never ever disconnected .  They  do not be asked to repay loans to nationalized banks (King fisher  airlines) because it is controlled by a sitting M.P   who says he can not be expected to run at loss
    After all Kiska bap ka paise

    Chartered accountant Coimbatore


  3. ram says:

    I appreciate his idea and if everyone starts sending like this, corruption will come down surely.

  4. Tira T says:

    A really novel and great idea. This must be followed in every instance of the common feature in every govt. office all over the country–right from the topmost level to the lowest level in any position with powers to harass people. In the police, sales tax, municipalities, organisations like DDA/MCD/NDMC/DJB/Electricity Boards (including private service providers like the BSES/Rajdhani in Delhi), rationing offices, election office (for issue of ID cards), offices issuing birth/death certificates, govt. hospitals (for getting treatment to getting admission to getting tests done and payments to be made to the top (MS) to doctors to class 4 staffs), including CGHS (for reimbursement of medical claims, getting rail tickets, or rather in every step one has to interact with any govt. or local authority including pension office to widow pension, etc…. one must pay bribe. Ministers and IAS/IPS officers and top bureaucracy get their dues as per convention but the common people must suffer the indignity. Hence this is the best policy-send the bribe money with a forwarding letter to the bribe-taker through a DD or cheque, made a/c payee in the name of the criminal demanding the bribe.

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