The proposal regarding increment of the house tax in UP is soon to be presented before the cabinet. Houses in UP has been divided into 10 types depending upon the use made therein. Four star and above hotels, Pubs, Bar and Restaurants where alcohols are also served is now to pay tax 5 times more. Commercial complexes, Shops, Bank Offices, Hotels of three stars and below, Private hotels and Coaching Classes will have to pay tax 4 times more. Similarly, Building where any towers has been built anywhere on land or terrace, or on which hoardings has been put will have to pay tax 4 times more. All types of Clinics, Nursing homes, Diagnostic centers, Petrol pump, Gas agencies, Depo, Godowns, Community hall, Wedding lawns, and others will be paying tax 3 times more. Owners providing well built parking area will be benefitted with reduction of 2% house tax.

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