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I just came to know about one very interesting investor education initiative called “Plan F- your financial fitness plan” and thought of sharing the same with you all. My very dear friend and blogger Manish Chauhan of shared the program details with me and I would like to pass on details about this initiative with you all. I am very clear, if Manish and Nandish (together known as Jago Team) suggests something, it has to be special, extremely useful and valuable for investors.

Details about Plan F Program

You can watch this program every Saturday evening at 7 pm (and repeat on Sun evening at 8 pm) on CNBC TV 18 Channel. This is a 10 part investor education program, which is powered by DSP Blackrock Mutual Fund Company and supported by The one thing I like about “Plan F” is that it is real and very honest, in all episodes real life case studies are discussed in a very fun and interesting way. I am sure as a viewer there will be several takeaways and learning’s for you. As an investor you will be able to relate with different investor’s financial journey and you will gain insights to plan and build your own Plan F.

Here are some of the links of previous episodes

Episode 1

Episode 2

How this show is different than other personal finance shows

1. Personal finance turns FUN

While you watch the program you will find Cyrus Brocha (People mostly remember him for his MTV Bakra show) interacting with investors in a very fun and humorous way. This really makes the show different and fun to watch. Till now investors have interacted with experts but this time they get a chance to have a candid conversation with immensely talented Cyrus. This show beaks all the traditional rules by adding humor to its format.

Watch Cyrus Brocha in ACTION Below

2. Honest Sharing by Investors

I was told that every investor who features on the show shares the truth, this is interesting because the best way an investor can learn about personal finance is by listening to another investors financial journey. You will find people from all walks of life who will get featured on different episodes. Don’t miss this show as you never know which new insight can bring a change in your financial world.

3. Gifts for Viewers

The whole idea behind “Plan F” is to help investors to strengthen their overall financial fitness. While you watch the show you will get some links where you can go and download some really useful and valuable material and ebooks. So, see that you don’t miss any part of the show and watch the complete show with and open heart and mind.

  • Download Mutual Fund Guide  –  
  • Download 12 investment lessons –
  • Visit Official Page of Plan F show –

As personal finance blogger it is my responsibility to share about such initiatives. I feel a lot of work needs to be done to spread financial literacy and such good shows and initiatives need lot of love, encouragement and support. I am sure the program will have a positive impact on your overall financial world. So, see that you don’t miss to watch the show and make sure your invite others to watch the show. In future I will always continue to share such valuable information with my extended family (my community). Wishing you all once again a very happy and prosperous new year!

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