As the world gets disturbed due to this pandemic, everyone is either losing hope or crying for all looses he’s making these days. The entire salaried section of the society is worried about their salaries, big business tycoons are worried about their business, and farmers are worried about their crops. Everyone is worried but the most affected ones are the poor people. Somehow, the class of people other than the poor can survive in this lockdown but the real hardship still exists for the poor. In other words, what we can say is that the other side of the coin is that the lockdown is not the same for all the people. Some are worried about their future, food and basic needs. The economy is badly shrinking while the number of affected persons is increasing day by day.

As India heads towards the third phase of the lockdown there are many people with different views as to what needs to be done and whatnot. Everyday media houses are having debates and each different person is sharing different views. Some of the great economists suggest that we need to start with some economic activities and there’s no way to stay in complete lockdown. While some of the others are of the view that let us get started and simultaneously deal with this pandemic.

Following are the question which we must ask ourselves before making any decision:

  • Is the economy more important than the lives of our fellow Indians?
  • Can we start business activities? Are we in any position to go for work considering the daily figures which we are receiving?
  • Is the number of cases decreasing by any chance or is there any hope of recoveries?

If you just look at the graph of the number of cases, it is increasing at a rapid speed and there is no sign of slow down. Our top contributing states in the GDP of the country are most affected by this pandemic. As per the various circulars issued by the government, there are certain classes of activities which are permitted now such as rural construction, courier services, sale of agriculture produce etc. We can say it as a good smart move to some extent.

The requirement of the present situation is self-isolation, I’m just wondering as to why we have made our self in such a way that we are unable to isolate ourselves and this is the only requirement of the present situation. With each passing day, we are only complaining about this problem. Instead of complaining and considering it as a problem, we all should see it as an opportunity. When all the business is down we need to think in a different way. We can see it as an opportunity as now the valuation looks attractive to the various companies. Of course, there is a lot we have lost as the economy got badly hurt. But at the same point of time, we have to admit that we’re the only real culprit for this pandemic and the Mother Nature is dealing it in its way.

Nobody knows when we’ll be able to come out freely to the restaurants, schools, offices, malls, beaches and stations. The very best way to utilize this time is to engage you in developing new skills and making the most of the current situation. We have always been complaining that we don’t have enough time. Now, we all have enough time so why aren’t we making the best use of it? We can’t just sit and blame someone for this. If we focus on skill development during this pandemic we all can grow at a greater pace which will ultimately make India stands above par. Every Indian must understand their responsibility and make the best use of this lockdown. You should give some time for your health, meditation and reading new books. Reading books is very important as your mental diet is equally important just like a physical diet. We need to be strong physically and mentally. We should be thankful for the technology and innovation that we can do plenty of good stuff with the help of technology and should make the best use of it for our growth. It is my humble request to you all that we should stand together and save the nation. Everyone needs to understand that “Jaan h to Jahan hai”.

Stay Home Stay Safe!


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