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May 09, 2020

Sr. Head P&GA,
ISRO Headquarters,


Subject: Clarification on regularization of absence during COVID-19 lockdown period- reg.

Please refer ISRO HQ Note/letter No. HQ:ADMN:COVID:20 dated 20.04.2020 seeking clarification with regard to regularization of absence during COVID-19 lockdown period imposed by the Government to contain the spread of Corona virus.

2. ISRO HQ proposal has been examined in the Department and following clarifications are issued:

SI No. Scenario / Situation Clarification
1. Employees on official tour & unable to return to their Headquarters. The period of absence shall be treated as duty. However, no DA to be paid.
2. Employees who were on leave prior to issue of lockdown orders (25.03.2020) and the leave ended during lockdown period. Employees available in Headquarters or not. Deemed to have joined duty from the date of expiry of leave.

In case of leave on medical grounds, subject to production of fitness certificate.

3 Employees who were on leave prior to issue of lockdown orders (25.03.2020) and the leave ended on 20.03.2020, but could not join duty on 23.03.2020 (Monday), due to stoppage of train/bus/flights. Deemed to have joined on 25.03.2020, treating the period from 21.03.2020 to 24.03.2020 as leave. Employees shall submit leave application for this period to the concerned leave sanction authority.



Employees who left HQ on week-end, i.e. 20.03.2020, but could not return to HQ on 23.03.2020 due to stoppage of train/buses/flights.

The absence during the lockdown period i.e. from 25/03/2020 to till lift-off of lockdown period, due to non- availability of public transport facility, shall be treated as Special Casual Leave as stipulated vide Cabinet Secretariat (Department of Personnel), O.M. No. 27/6/71-Estt. (B), dated 01.11.’1971.
5 Employees who were on leave prior to issue of orders on lockdown (25.03.2020) and the leave expiring during the lock down period, but wish to curtail the leave before expiry and join duty. Curtailment of sanctioned leave requires approval based on official exigency, which is not normally envisaged during lock-down period. In some cases, officiating promotion may also have been given to the senior in the lower grade. Further, the offices remain closed, except for essential services. Hence, curtailment of leave may not be agreed to. From the date following the date of expiry of leave, the employee may be deemed to have joined duty, subject to fulfilment of other requirements based on the type of leave availed.
6. If an employee is unable to report for duty on lifting of lockdown, due to non- availability of public transport, restrictions on inter-zone/district movement etc. May be allowed to work from home till such time public transport facility is restored subject to Government orders on movement of public transport.

3. The DOS/ISRO Centres/Units are requested to note the above clarifications for taking appropriate action, if Further, it is to inform that the above clarifications are subject to the clarifications issued by the Nodal Ministry, if any later. In case, the Nodal Ministry advice/clarifications differs from the clarifications issued by DOS, then clarifications issued by Nodal Ministry will prevail over the DOS clarifications.

This issues with the approval of the Complete Authority.

Yours faithfully,
M Ramadas]
Deputy Secretary to Gol


Copy to:


Copy also to:

1. Officer on Special Duty, NARL

2. Registrar, ADRIN/ PRL/ IIST

3. Head P&GA, SCL/ PRL/ NE-SAC

4. Sr Admn Officer, ANTRIX/ NSIL

For necessary action, If applicable.

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  1. Rajashree Shetty says:

    What is the DoPT Rule position for employee not joined till date i.e. 27.08.2020 due to non-availability of Train and Flights from Kolkata to Mumbai. Our Office name is Export Inspection Agency-Mumbai, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.

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