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DT. 01.04.2020


As you may be aware the Central Government has announced a package to employers under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana wherein “Payment of 24% of wages of workers in their EPF Accounts by Government in respect of the establishments which have employed less than 100 employees and 90% of employees working in such establishments are drawing less than Rs. 15000 wages” is also included.

In this confection it is informed that,

(i) The benefit of crediting of 24% of wages to the PF Accounts of workers will only be given to such establishments where 100% KYC is completed,

(ii) Where salaries have been paid to the workers by the employers for the lock down period duly filing ECR for the same period and where a declaration is given about number of excluded employees and

(iii) The declaration of excluded employees is optional till now but to avail the said benefit it is now mandatory.

(iv) A provision is also made for sanction of advances under Para 68 (L) of EPF Scheme – wherein any member of this Scheme employed in any establishment or factory located in an area declared as affected by outbreak of any epidemic or pandemic by the appropriate Government, can apply for a non-refundable advance from the provident fund account of such member not exceeding the basic wages and dearness allowances of that member for three months or up to seventy-five per cent of the amount standing to his credit in the Fund, whichever is less.

Hence, you are requested to note the above information and also intimate all the employees’ engaged in your establishment to take advantage of the above provisions.


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  1. Anil Kumar says:

    Know is every establishment is lockdown , how is possible to do the 100% KYC in that moment. PF department also not doing 100% work due to lockdown, if department seriously actual help them to small industries to kindly extend the date of deposit of Pf contribution.

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