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No. CAIU/011(27)2016/KYC/34320

Date: 24 MAR 2017

All Additional Central P.F. Commissioner (Zones)

All Regional P.F. Commissioner-In-charge of ROs

Sub:- Extension and strengthening of the facility of Aadhaar Seeding Services by EPFO offices for KYC Seeding etc. – regarding.

Re 1) No. CAIU/011(27)2016/KYC/41344 dated 11103/2016.
     2) No. CAIU/011(27)2016/KYC/13466 dated 21111/2016.


In pursuance to the policy of the Government of India, of optimum use of information technology for efficient service delivery and widening the reach of EPF benefits, appropriate guidelines have been issued from this once for installation and operatonalisation of proper infrastructure in the field offices of ERR) to help and facilitate our subscribers/members to be onboard and take benefits of the current digitization of the service delivery system which will result in better and smooth deliver” of the benefits to the intended target groups.

2. You are aware that Aadhaar Card details and related verified data is becoming the backbone of the current initiatives undertaken by the Government of India for identification and payment of benefits to the target groups.

3. You are also aware that EPFO, in compliance to the provisions of Section-7 of the Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and other subsidies Benefits and Services) Act, 2016 has issued notification dated 04/01/2017 for submission of Aadhaar as identity document by the Pensioners and Members of EPS-1995.

4, Seeding and Attestation of Aadhaar data is also very important in the current “Coverage and Enrollment Drive” undertaken by EPFO and payment of benefits under the PMRPY/PMPRPY schemes launched by the Government of India and being implemented by EPFO.

5. To achieve the goal, as above, field offices were also given appropriate and detailed guidelines vide circular dated 11/09/2014 and 07/05/2015 for procurement of equipments necessary for the work. However, the present status of seeding of Aadhaar reveals that due importance does not appear to have been accorded by the field offices to this work. This requires urgent attention.

Hence in order to achieve the target of Aadhaar Seeding, to achieve goals of the digitization initiatives undertaken by the Government of India for effective and efficient service delivery, the following guidelines are issued:-

1. All the Regional Offices and district offices to put sufficient number of Aadhaar capturing desks in position depending on the size of the office.

2. To procure Finger Print devices, Iris Readers and other required equipments locally following GFR provisions besides installing other requisite infrastructure.

3. The software for capturing the Aadhaar for the existing subscriber will be launched in the first week of April’2017 whereby the captured Aadhaar details of subscribers snail be populated to Central Thereafter it will be processed for matching with the member details of member database.

4. The matched data of members will be accepted and The unmatched data shall be submitted to the respective field offices to take decisions for acceptance.

5. Zonal Additional CPFC can take decisions to organize camps in the areas of industrial centres where workers are in good number for which they may decide to procure within their delegated powers, requisite number of laptops with data card and Iris Readers.

6. In addition to EPFO field offices i.e. Regional Office and District Offices, Aadhaar details of EPF subscribers are captured though common service Zonal ACCs should provide wide publicity to facilitate 100% Aadhaar cap:turing in respect of subscribers in time bound manner.

(This issues with the approval of Central Provident Fund Commissioned.

Yours faithfully

(M. Narayanappa)

Addl. Central P.F. Commissioner(HQ)


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