In last one year, several incidents have been reported in the state, where properties have been transferred without the knowledge and consent of legal owners. An imposter claims to be owner of the property and sell the property to other party.

The government has launched several new safety measures in its registry system to prevent such fraudulent registries. Therefore, details & revenue records of all property have been digitised and a unique identity number has been given to each property in the Haryana Land Records Information System (HALRIS).ID of each and every property has been linked with the Aadhaar Card and phone numbers of the property owner. In State, for few weeks all the registries were stopped when the government received these types of cases. Registry in state has been resumed from 1st September.

In this new system, the user will have to  apply online for tokens for registration of property. While applying for the token, the property details to be filed up and a OTP will be sent to registered mobile owner of the property owner. Only after submission of OTP the process will move forward. This OTP based system will be crucial for safety of Property.

If somehow, someone manages to get the correct OTP, the system will reject the application if the Aadhaar card number doesn’t match with the system’s records.

In the new system, the official will also check that if there is any court case pending over the property and whether the land is owned by the government or its under acquisition.


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