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CA Manoj Kumar AnandIt is virtually a nightmare for CA office in digital signing and filling of returns. The continuous up gradation without publicity hampers smooth working. Most of professional are filling 4 types of returns under GST, I-Tax, MCA & TDS with 31st Oct 17 being last date for all.

1. Java has become Baba: –Because you need to devote uncalled energy for locating the applicable version of Java for any of these 4 fillings. Most of time, these are contradictory as if you start filling say GST returns with one version than  I-Tax, MCA may or may not be filled with that version.

2. Browser is Treasure: – The most used & famous Chrome is like Unchi Dukan Fika Pakvan at least for filling of returns. Hardly returns especially with digital signature can be filled with chrome. Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser generally works but here again the version problem creeps in. Safari, Opera, Lynx & Konqueror browser are relatively unknown and not tested for.

3. Windows along with MS Office/Excel has also works with tantrum especially if all these aren’t original or Desktop/Laptop is not configured properly or security features in computer or security software’s aren’t properly commanded. You don’t know when the whole system will slow down or virtually die making you helpless even after completing all work.

4. On papers every Govt organizations have HELPLINE numbers but in realty these helpline numbers rarely helps as either these aren’t reachable or replies from them are unsatisfactorily.

5. You have no option except go on trying & trying. Had either the Govt or Infosys, TCS etc who are maintaining these sites guided properly than many man hours must have been saved. I wish our respectable institutes abreast these woes to authorities. It will substantially reduce filling timings & burden on these Govt sites also which generally get choked during last days.

6. Despite this all returns shall be filled before due dates because we professional are trained to do so….This is India *sub chalta hai.*

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