pri Key Points for Form CFSS 2020 Key Points for Form CFSS 2020

Form CFSS 2020- It is an application in e-form for seeking immunity in respect of belated documents filed under the CFSS scheme, 2020.

Relevant Circular : General Circular 12/2020

Purpose of Form CFSS 2020 : To seek immunity in respect of belated documents filed under the CFSS 2020.

Time Limit for filing Form CFSS 2020

After closure of the Scheme i.e 31.12.2020 after the documents are taken or record and the same has been approved by Authority and when the Form CFSS 2020 will deployed on MCA, or

Maximum period for filling form CFSS 2020 shall not be more than 6 Months from the date of closure of the CFSS 2020 i.e 31.12.2020.

Contents of the Form CFSS 2020

Its is a simplified form having the following contents-

a. Enter the CIN/FCRN of the company and pre-fill the same.

b. After pre-fill the system shall automatically show the Name, ROC, registered office of the Company.

c. Details of Documents filed under CFSS 2020.

i. Total No. of SRN (Max. 20 SRNs allowed in one form)

ii. for balance SRNs another form CFSS 2020 shall be filed (subject to max. 20 SRN in one form.

d. We will enter the SRN of the respective form filed by the company under the CFSS 2020 and prefill the same.

Relevant dates in Form CFSS 2020

Date of filling of belated docs/forms – This is system generated date on clicking pre-fill (Means the actual date on which we filed the belated documents, forms under CFSS 2020)

Date of Event – This is the most important date to considered-

Here the date of event depends upon case to case basis/ depends upon the nature of belated documents/forms you have filed under CFSS 2020.

Example-1: A resolution (BR/OR has been passed by the Board/shareholder in their meeting as on 01.07.2020 for appointment of a new director in the Board of a Company but Company could not file the Form DIR-12 within the time frame and the said belated form has been filed under CFSS 2020 Scheme, so as per Form CFSS 2020 here the date of event means the date on which the respective resolution has been passed for the appointment of the said director i.e 01.07.2020.


A Company has filed it’s belated Form BEN-2 under the CFSS 2020 Scheme, in such a case the date of event shall be the date on which the significant beneficial interest has been arisen or has been changed.


A resolution has been passed in the Board meeting of company to fill the casual vacancy of the Statutory Auditors of the Company for which Company have filed its belated ADT-1 under CFSS Scheme the date of event in such case shall be the date of passing BR.


Date of event in case if a company have filed its financial statements (Form ADT-1/ADT-1 XBRL) and Annual Return of a respective financial year then in such case the date of event shall Annual General Meeting of the respective financial year.


Date of event in case if a company have filed its belated PAS-6 for any previous half years for example from 01.04.2019 to 31.09.2019 under CFSS 2020 then in such case the date of event shall be the 30.09.2019

  • The form CFSS 2020 will be processed in STP mode.
  • There are not any filling fees.
  • When Form CFSS is successfully processed an acknowledgement of the same is sent to the user in the form of the mail and further an immunity certificate certificated shall be generated and shared along with acknowledgement email containing the details of the SRNs included in the submitted eform.

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