The Duty Magistrate has been appointed to demolish all the illegal farmhouses on Aravalli forest hills will start soon.

 On the report of Forest Department, approximately 100 illegal farmhouses were built on the Aravalli forest area in Gurugram district, mostly in Gwalpahari and Garatpur Bas villages and areas of Sohna and Manesar and these farmhouses were built in around 50 acres of land without any prior permission from the concerned authority.

Nearly all illegal farmhouses are allegedly possessed by retired bureaucrats and politicians.

As per the order of the National Green Tribunal demolition of the illegal farmhouses on forest land in the Aravalli region in Gurugram district by January 31. In a survey, the Forest department found approximately 100 illegal farmhouses were built in the Aravalli hills while the cases 10 farmhouses owner are pending in the Court.

Demolition of Illegal Farmhouses In Aravalli Area In Gurugram

Requisition was made by the forest department to the District Administration for the appointment of duty magistrate in order to demolish the farmhouses illegally builds. The forest department had demanded that the District administration must appoint a Duty Magistrate to enable the demolition of other 90 farmhouses.

Private builders were responsible for erecting the illegal farmhouses and the said farmhouses were developed before 1990 under Raisina Zone of the Aravalli hills.

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