Draft format of DIR-5 Attachments – Application for surrender of DIN and Affidavit by Director

This article contains the draft format of:

1. Application required to be filed as an attachment of form DIR-5 to surrender DIN of those Directors who have multiple DIN.

2. And Affidavit for the same.


Date: ______


The Regional Director


Address of RD


Sub: Application for surrender of DIN (Enter DIN No._______)

Dear Sir,

I, (Name of the Director) S/o Mr. ____, R/o _______, have been erroneously issued two DINs i.e. DIN _________ approved on _____ and DIN _____ approved on __________ respectively.

I hereby confirm that the DIN approved later i.e. ________ on _____ , is associated with ____Companies. Therefore, I hereby request you for surrender of the same and retain my oldest DIN ______ which is associated with the Registered Companies.

Further, the details of new DIN _________, could be transferred to my old DIN ________.

Kindly record the above in your database and do the needful.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,


Name of the Director



I, __________ S/o Mr. _________, aged ____ years residing at _______, do solemnly affirm and declare as follows:

1. I have been allotted two Director Identification Numbers (DIN) erroneously i.e. DIN:____ and DIN: _________ approved on _____ and __________, respectively.

2. I have been associated with ____ Companies with DIN:___________ .

3. I have been associated with ___Company with DIN:___________ .

4. I wish to retain my oldest DIN i.e.______ and surrender my new DIN i.e._________and the details of new/ old DIN ________, could be transferred to my old/ DIN ______ .

5. I shall hereby undertake and indemnify in writing to indemnify any person for any losses that may arise pursuant to cancellation of DIN:_______ .



I verify that the contents of this Affidavit are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.



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