Circular No. 13/2012,  Dated 06.06.2012

Sub: Extension of time in Filing of annual return by Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)

The Ministry has started the process of decentralization of the functions of the Registrar LLP by authorizing respective ROCs to discharge the functions of Registrar LLP also on and from 11.06.2012. Consequently, the LLP system shall remain closed from 31.5.2012 to 10.6.2012.

 2. As per the provisions of section 35 of the LLP Act, LLPs which do not file Form 11 within a period of sixty days of the date of closure of their financial year are required to pay additional fees. In order to avoid payment of additional fees by such LLPs due to closure of the system from 31.5.2012 to 10.6.2012, it has been decided to extend the time limit prescribed under the provisions of section 35 of the LLP Act by 30 days.

3. In order to have better understanding of the circular, it is clarified that the time limit of 60 days shall be read as 90 days for filing of Form 11 by LLPs in respect of the Financial Year ending on 31.03.2012. This circular shall be effective from 31.5.2012.

Yours faithfully,

( U. C. Nahta )

Director (Inspection & Investigation)

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