General Circular No.31/2012

Dated: – 28th September, 2012

Sub: Filing of form 23B by statutory auditor for the accounting year 2012-13

The Ministry had issued circular No. 14 of 2012 whereby the fees was imposed on filing of 23B as per schedule X of the Act. To ensure smooth filing of the forms 23AC (Non-XBRL) and 23ACA (Non-XBRL) with the approval of the competent authority, the filing of e-form 23B is extended without any additional fees till 23/12/12 or due date of filing, whichever is later.

Yours Faithfully

Sanjay Kumar Gupta (Deputy Director)

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  1. Dolphine Kotian says:

    Yes I agree with Abhishek, I have filed 23B with a fee of Rs.500/-,what about those who have not filed 23B for the F.Y.10-11. Can they file now? Is there a fee for late filing.

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