Here is the Fee Calculator(EXCEL) required for MCA E-Form SH-7 in case of Declaration of Changes in Authorised Share Capital of the Company to ROC u/s 64(1), Rule 15 of Companies(Share Capital and Debentures Rules,2014.
Calculator will be Useful for Practising Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries and other Corporate Law Professionals.

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  1. DK Shah says:

    We want to Increase the capital of Rs.3 Crore from Rs.2 lakh. How much is the fees payable to ROC?
    What are the procedures to compte the same. Also we are amalgating two companies.

  2. Mahesh Kulkarni says:

    I want to know the what is we want increase authorized capital from 1 lacs to 1 crore in section 8 Co. what will be cost involved and fee to be paid to MCA

  3. tony says:

    i am’from kerala , i would like to know that our excisting authorized capital is 100000 and planning to increase as 1000000 ,what will be the cost

  4. ashish2591987 says:

    Hi Sunil Sir I need your Advise

    My company registered on 8 Jan 2014 , No Transaction till date , Please Suggest where i can calculate ROC Charge and Total How Much Amount I have to Pay.

  5. Manish says:

    Please elaborate how fee for small company is calculated according to the examples fee for Authorised capital of big company for Rs 25lacs is 82000/- and for small company fee for Authorised capital of rs 25lacs is 32000/- and the rates of fee for both big and small companies are same.

  6. Manish says:

    Please elaborate how fee for small company is calculated according to the example fee for Big company for Authorised capital 25lacs is 82000/- and fee for Authorised capital of small company for 25lacs is 32000/-?

  7. CA Sunil Jain says:

    If we see instruction attached with form SH-7 MCA Site. calculation of fee is made by different way. however this calculation sheet seems logical and as per rules prescribed. In MCA Site fee calculator for this form is not yet given. Please share prctically who have filed fee charged/challan generated is matching with this calculation.

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