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We have developed a fully automated Depreciation Calculator cum Fixed Asset register as per Companies Act, 2013, which calulates depreciation as per Straight Line method of Depreciation. This Register is useful for Professional Colleagues as well as Corporates. This is fully automated, strictly as per Companies Act, 2013 and ICAI Guidance Note and most importantly useful for future years also. We believe that, our sheet is the only sheet available till date which provides start to end solution for depreciation calculation.

About the utility

  1. This Version of Utility supports Straight Line method of Depreciation only
  2. This Utility requires Microsoft Office 2007 (Service Pack 2) or above,
  3. Enable Macros from Trust Center Settings, to activate all the functions of the Utility
  4. Made strictly as per the New Companies Act, and the Guidance note issued by ICAI
  5. Ability to efficiently handle transfer of assets from Old Companies Act
  6. Automatically calculates the amount to be charged to Retained Earnings, in the First Year
  7. Ability to Add Financial years, and automatically calculate Depreciation
  8. Ready Made Summary of all the Assets, to be used in the Balance Sheet and P&L

Download Depreciation Calculator cum Fixed Asset Register

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  1. Gaurav says:

    There are various components of assets carrying different useful lives line item wise. is there a provision in the file to manage useful lives line item wise as this will be required in component accounting.

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