Registered office address of the Company is the Address which is visible on Master Data of the Company. As per Section 12 and other applicable provisions of Companies Act, 2013, it is mandatory to have a Registered Office address for the Company registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Even, if registered Office address for Correspondence is different, at time of Incorporation, then once Certificate of Incorporation is received after that Company is required to file e-Form INC-22 for Registered Office Address.

Purpose for which e-Form INC-22 can be filed as follows.

  • Change within local limits of City, town or village
  • Change outside local limits of city, town or village, within the same RoC and state
  • Change in RoC within the same state
  • Change in state within the jurisdiction of same RoC
  • Change in state outside the jurisdiction of existing RoC

Among all, above only for Change of Registered Office Address within local limits of City, town or village e-INC-22 is required, whereas for other purpose many other e-Forms are required to be filed.

Procedure for Change in Registered Office Address within local limits of City, town or village/ Steps for Change in Registered Office Address within local limits of City, town or village.

In e-Form INC-22 following information is required to be given.

  • New Address is required to be updated in e-Form INC-22
  • Tick the option, whether Registered Office is

Owned by Company

Owned by Director (Not taken on lease by Company)

Take on lease by Company

Owned by any other entity/Person (Not taken on lease by Company)

  • Name of Police Station and Address
  • Choose the Option of Address Proof that is attached


  • Proof of Registered Office address (Incase Agreement is being formed for the use of Premises)

(Conveyance/Lease deed/Rent Agreement etc. along with the rent receipts)

  • Copies of the utility bills as mentioned below (not older then two months)

(Telephone/ Electricity/ Mobile / Gas bill)

  • NOC from the Owner whose name is mentioned in bill, his/her NOC is mandatory required except owned by the Company.
  • List of all the Companies having the same registered office address
  • Board Resolution passed for Change in Registered Office address

Once the e-Form INC-22 is uploaded and payment of same is done, Registered Office address will get updated in the Master Data of the Company on immediate basis as same will be approved in STP mode.

Filing of documents for Registered Office address at the time of Incorporation.

If Company wants to provide the Registered office address at the time of Incorporation, only then in SPICe+ Part B, Utility Bills copy (not older then 2 months as mentioned above) is required to attached alongwith the NOC from the Owner.


Q  Is NOC mandatory required to be attached from the Owner of Premises?

Ans. Yes, if Utility bill is not in the name of the Company, then mandatory NOC from the Owner of the Premises is required to be attached.

Q Should Resolution be attached incase of change of Registered Office address within local limits ?

Ans. Yes, Board Resolution should be attached, as good compliance in e-Form INC-22 for change in Registered Office address within local limits.


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