In the recent times, we all are facing the issue of re-submission of names from the CRC. Some of their popular reasons for rejections are as follows:

  1. Proposed name is similar with the existing company;
  2. Proposed name is similar with the already registered trademark;
  3. Proposed name is too general;
  4. Proposed name is undesirable;
  5. Proposed name phonetic similar with the existing name;  and much more reasons

Therefore, to avoid such type of re-submissions or rejections we can follow use some important tactics after followings the guidelines as prescribed in the Companies Act, 2013 that can minimize the possibility of rejection of name. Some of these tactics are so follows:

  • Apply the unique name rather than general name;
  • Unique name can be made by adding two words;
  • Justify the name efficiently in the comment section in run application;
  • Attach the proof with NOC if approval from existing Company or trademark users is received;
  • Justify the business activity of the Company with the proposed name;
  • Always try to apply with two names as the possibility to approve the name will increase.

This is only for advice purpose and does not guarantee the approval as it is only on the discretion the department but we can do our best while applying the name.

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