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CA Tanushree AgrawalTrust yourself more than anyone else. Even when taking advice from elders, parents, friends, relatives, associates, acquaintances, colleagues, well-wishers, teachers, mentors, gurus, advisers, guides, tutors, bosses, supervisors, seniors, consultant, advice-giver, counselor, etc take with caution. You must have noticed there is a long list of people who give their advice to you. I have taken one term relative in above it includes Maternal Uncle, Maternal Aunty, Paternal Uncle, Paternal Aunty, Maternal Cousin brother, Paternal Cousin brother, Maternal Cousin Sister, Paternal Cousin Sister, Maternal Grandfather, Maternal Grandmother, Paternal Grandfather, Paternal Grandmother, Great Grandfather, Great Grandmother. In this also how many are there in no of each set of relatives is subjective eg. If four Paternal Uncles then that much extended family. So from this you will understand if you would seat and count then there are numerous people in your life who try to directly or indirectly influence, affect and impact your life.

There can be at times their self interest is hidden in the advice. If you trust yourself you may go right or wrong. However the possibility of someone else self interest is not there and you may wholly responsible for your action.

When you trust yourself and work on it then you know from start to end what you have to do. And even if everything is not clear in start at each of your action the universe unfolds the path to next action. It is same as driving a car in night. First you see that portion of road only which your car headlight permits you to see. However at each step you get further and further and finally reach your destination. Same fundamental one should apply when fear of what’s next comes to one’s mind.

Physics “Every action has equal and opposite reaction.” For example, If you will approach 10 people for your work someone will surely respond you. If you will not take action how will you get there reaction i.e. their response.

If you ask for almost anything in the world in the right way, with enough conviction and enough commitment, you’ll get it. Believe in yourself. You are the creator or destroyer of the world for you.

Eg 1) You know very well from one seed the tree has grown. In that one seed there is the leaves colors, the leaves shapes, the flower color, the fruit color, the fruit shape and size and so on.

2) From one atom you are born and today you are reading this article. In that one atom everything was there your hair color, eye color, skin color, nose shape, height, limps, and so on.

Every company once had a Rs 1000 turnover which today has a Rs 5 billion turnover.

So from your idea the things which you are imaging today can come into reality tomorrow.The idea is a seed or atom and it will be a grown up like a Tree or Human being.

If you think you can or you can’t you are right is well said by Henry Ford.

Those who believe in beauty of their dreams create history. Eg. Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill and so on….

When certain people believed on the beauty of their dreams and were working hard and toiling to create and give form to their dream to substance, the world was rejoicing. Now when the world feels pain the substance created by them is used they get pleasure because they get paid for it. That’s the irony. Example are as follows:

  • Wright Brothers – Invented Aircraft
  • Soichiro Honda – Established Honda Motor Company
  • Thomas Edison – Invented Electric light bulb

Humble Request : Trust yourself, Trust yourself, Trust yourself.

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  1. rachana singh says:

    its so true ….. labor + luck= success …..improvise, adopt, overcome from ur failure to discover ur dream world stay connected to ur dream….

  2. B L Sharma says:

    very good article in few words, There is unfathomable store of infinite power and energy in one’s subconscious mind, which is available to fulfill and suffice to utilize in any quantum available to the extent of one’s fullest capacity to obtain the desired and targeted goals by self confidence and trust in oneself.

  3. GNR says:

    Keep trust in us on our own is an art. Some may born with that art, some may learn from others, some may learn from books and some may learn by their experiences. but to everyone whoever they might be, Karma yoga taught by Lord Krishna in Bhagavadgita is ultimate and gives power how to keep trust in us on our own.

  4. DILIP M.BATHIJA says:

    Their self interest is hidden in their advice.A very useful precautionary statement for those who seek advice from many people instead of trust in self.

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