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Rank 1-Mr. Atharva Abhijit Samant

Atharva Abhijit SamantThrough this writeup I would like to share some points that helped me secure AIR 1st rank in CS foundation exams

1. I analysed the whole syllabus and made a study plan.It is really very important to develop a study schedule before starting exam preparartion. I studied 2 subjects in a day,one theory and other practical

2.For subjects like Law,Accounts and Audit,conceptual understanding is important.I prepared my own notes for these subjects.This helped me in revising the whole syllabus the day before my exams.

3.Revision is very important as one can remember only 50% of what one studied the day before. I used to wake up at 4:00 am to recall the material which I had studied the previous day.

4.Practice is the most important part of exam preparation.After initial preparations I solved the past papers and also mcqs from the Scanner.

Rank 1- Ms. Karishma Mahendra Madrecha

Karishma Mahendra MadrechaI was overwhelmed when a close friend called me that I secured 1st rank in CS foundation exam. I was immensely overjoyed to hear it. My parents are feeling proud of this achievement and I would like to thank them for their encouragement, support and providing conducive environment for study.

I started my journey back in Mar’15 when I did my registration for CS, post which my classes started. My aim was always to get a good rank in final exam hence I started early by paying serious attention in classes. I used to ensure daily practice of what was taught in class which helped me avoid last minute stress. It was not  the quantity of time spent on preparation but the quality time spent on the studies which help me at the end. Apart from individual studies, group discussion with my CS friends help me a lot especially for complex problems.

I spent my time reading the study material given by the institute and practiced more MCQs by solving scanner and other notes. Closer to the exams I did cut down on my leisure activities.

From bottom of my heart, I would like to thank my family & friend for the encouragement and support. I would also like to thank my teachers for direction and guidance.

Rank 2- Ms. Sanika Sanjeev Barve

Sanika Sanjeev BarveI would like to attribute my success in the foundation course examinations to the Online Papers provided by the ICSI institute on their website, as well as to laying down a subject wise time table to ensure timely revision of subject matter before exams . Last but the most important is the support I got from my parents.

I always maintained a positive approach towards my studies as well as during the examination period as it is very crucial not to get intimidated by the vast syllabi and the notion of an examination.

I tried to focus equally on all the subjects and generally tried to cover 2 or 3 subjects in a day. I would also like to emphasis on the fact that though lengthy the modules should be read at least three times as this will allow you to get a better understanding of the concepts. I also made it a habit to mark all important points as well as tricky concepts in the modules provided by the institute during the first reading itself so that I could refer only to those points later on.

During the last 2 months before the exam however I allocated specific days to the four papers seperately, so that I could give sufficient time and attention to each subject . During this period I studied for at least 9 to 10 hours per day. Another point I’d like to emphasise on is that in practical subjects like statistics and accountancy deriving the formulae for yourself and understanding the transactions from which the entries oñginate helped me to understand and retain better.

But most importantly , solving past papers as well as model test papers uploaded by the institute on their website helped me a greatly as they gave me an overview of what to expect in the examination and how to overcome time constraint but most importantly it helped me to analyse whether I had missed any concept during my revisions.

Good luck and study well.

 Rank 3-Mr. Sumedh Aniruddha Pawse

Sumedh Aniruddha PawseI, Sumedh Pawse, recently scored 364 marks out of 400 in CS Foundation Exam held in December 2015. I am declared as the Third Rank Holder in this exam.

With respect to my studies, I mainly referred the modules given by the Institute. They are really good and useful for studying. I recommend reading each model at least 3 times. I revised all the syllabus thoroughly 3 times.

I also took some guidance from some Company Secretaries, Lawyers and Chartered Accountants.

I think the content in the modules is good and can be understood and is also helpful. The subjects are vivid and cover most of the interesting and useful things like law, management, accounts, auditing, communication, etc.

Lastly, I would like to say something about the exam. The exam being a computer based MCQ test helps to cover most of the syllabus. The ICSI mock tests are also very helpful in understanding the pattern of exam, the UI, the way the exam is held, etc.

Thank you and all the best!

Source- ICSI


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