Just start – don’t wait for right opportunity – create it. There are numerous ideas which are comes in our mind in a single day. Out of that two to three ideas are such that we should start work on it. But we shouldn’t. Why? Following are some of the myths / reasons going in our mind which keep us away from our achievement:-

  • No self-confidence
  • I should be perfect in whatever I am presenting
  • I don’t have required infrastructure
  • People may not like it
  • This is not a right time
  • If it goes wrongly people will laugh on me or make fun of me etc…

All the above myths or reasons are actually self-created. Due to such type of myths or reasons we remained at where we are currently.

Unless we start how do we come to know where we lack? Remember no one here is perfect. If we see our graph of life, it is from childhood to adulthood and then to old age. What I want to convey is just start. Once you have started you will come to know what your weaknesses are and what your strengths are. You will improve day by day in what you are doing. For e.g. we all knew that invention of light bulb by Mr. Thomas Edison was not in a one day or in one attempt. It took him thousands of attempts. If he had not started researching in whatever resources he had, we will not be able to see light in our life then.

Whatever we do is a process. A product has to be gone through numerous processes. It is first raw material then it becomes semi-finished and then finished. Same is applicable to our idea or vision. When idea comes into the mind, first it is in the raw form. When we work out it on paper and plan and then start according to our plan it becomes semi-finished and once we present it to the outer world it becomes finished product. Just like trial run or you may consider it as prototypes. Slowly we will be able to deliver quality product or service.

So now onwards don’t waste time in all these rubbish myths and reasons, just start it and bang on target.

Happy Learning!

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