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Verbal Communication is one of the Primary Skills which is looked forward to in a professional. It is the crux.

Communication Is the Single Most Essential Skill – John Harvey-Jones

Communication Is the Life-Blood Of An Organization- Premasara Epasinghe

Verbal Communication

  1. It is a modus operandi of social and commercial intercourse. An ability to communicate across barriers and beyond boundaries that have ushered the progress of mankind.
  2. Interchanging thoughts and ideas by word of mouth.

Types of Communication

  1. Formal Communication: It’s more of a verbal presentation of information that conforms the professional rules, standards and processes while avoiding the use of slang nomenclature.
  2. Informal Communication: A casual form of sharing information which mainly is personal conversations. While at professional level it is known as grapevine phenomenon.

Factors Responsible for the Growing Importance of Verbal Communication

  1. Rapid shrinking of the world into a Global Business Hub.
  2. Numerous Large Scale operations.
  3. Ever-advancing Technology
  4. Significance of Information.
  5. Increasing Social Role.
  6. Change in the Management Style.
  7. Need to have better relations and higher motivation levels.

Why is it so Important?

  1. Galvanizing the actions among Individuals, in organization, in society and in the world community at large.
  2. Smooth functioning of organizations.
  3. Essential for the success of any Human Endeavour.
  4. It facilitates proper Planning and Coordination of various activities.
  5. Effective Communication prevents most of the misunderstandings.
  6. It acts as a binding force as it becomes a matter of factual truthfulness which affects the integrity of a professional.
  7. It will strengthen the bond among the people in same Team and Organization.
  8. It creates a good Impression on Colleagues and Superiors.
  9. Portraying the information or data vividly and including the concrete facts so that it’s easy to comprehend and visualize.
  10. The briefness used in Verbal communication along with the skill to make it interesting for the group of listener.
  11. To get through the information without giving it out.

A professional without communication skills is just not acceptable in today’s world. They are a bridge between public at large and the legal authorities. They are the ones who cipher client’s information for the legal use, while they decipher the legal language for the client’s. They fill the gap between them, because they have that understanding and knowledge. They are relied on when it comes to communicating some confidential, crucial, legal or such other information, at this point of time their ability of being precise and clear, brief yet including all the facts is mostly looked forward to.

Again keeping the Secrecy and Wise selection of words is an important Quality for a professional and as such, it is very well said- Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.

A Chartered Accountant must have the skills of Integrity, Confidentiality which is again a very important aspect of Verbal Communication Skill.

William Shakespeare has very well summed up the importance of Verbal Communication-BREVITY IS THE SOUL OF WIT

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  1. priyanka jain says:

    Very nice article.keep publishing articles of this type.

    • Mansi Shah says:

      Hi Priyanka,

      Thank You for your appreciation, and yeah! surely I will keep writing on various topics and keep posting.

      Let me know if you want me to write on any specific topic.

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    Awesome and true lines

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    a nice article – suggest some books to improve our

    • Mansi Shah says:

      Hello A. Nagashree

      Thank you for reading and appreciating my article, and I’m sorry for the late reply. I would like to suggest you to read books by Dale Carnegie like The Art of Public Speaking, How to Win Friends and Influence People, How to Develop Self-confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking and more, I’m suggesting his books as they have helped me too.

      I hope you will like the books and find them helpful.

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