Be just like a child who looks the world as it as. He has no filters in his mind. He has a keen desire to learn new things. As he grows up and wants to take some initiatives, society comes in front of him and gives the examples of many people who failed in their life. What happens with that person is that he becomes fearful to do something new. He forgets all his potentials and powers.

For instance when RAMA and his VANAR SENA were to cross the sea to locate SEETA MAA then SUGRIVA, asked “Who can cross the ocean?” silence prevailed. Then JAMBAVAN came and makes Hanuman realize his immense capabilities and encourages him to fly across the ocean to search for SITA in Lanka.

What this story reveals is that we humans (as hanuman was also born as human) have so much capacities and powers but we actually forgot those powers in the fulfillment of worldly responsibilities.

So how can we make a balance between our worldly responsibilities and our Goals? There are many time management techniques and I am sharing one of them:

The Four Quadrant Rule:                                        

Urgent & Important (Ist Quadrant)

  • Last date Filling of documents
  • Tax and Compliance Deadlines
  • Certain Business E-Mails which we defer to reply
Important But not Urgent (IInd Quadrant)

  • Daily Exercise & Meditation
  • Studies
  • Spending time for Hobby
  • Doing long term assignments
Urgent But not important(IIIrd Quadrant)

  • Certain phone calls
  • Text messages
  • Checking WhatApp


Neither Urgent nor Important (IVth Quadrant)

  • Downloading in Office (Videos, Movies Etc.)
  • Checking Discounts and offers all the time
  • Doing work which is suppose to do by others
  • Mindless Surfing the Internet

 People who find them in IInd Quadrant are the most effective people as they does the thing which are important in their life before they become must for them.

Now it’s your turn to that in which quadrant you want to see yourself.

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  1. Sonali Rane says:

    Very well written, and I will surely apply this in my professional life.
    thank you very much and please write such type of articles again.

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