Must have productivity tools for professionals to keep them laser focused.

In this modern, competitive and challenging work life, one have to have monomaniacal focus on his craft to keep you in the game. In this age of massive disruption, around your work and personal life, staying focused may be a not be an easy proposition for all. One has to keep his focus at highest level to complete the tasks assigned in best possible manner and thereby saving time and keeping mind under control.

That little thing, which is your best companion all through out day and night, in your happy and sad times called a cellphone can be of great help to achieve you such focus and make your time more productive than ever. Don’t ever look it as only a device for connecting people via calls or messages. That little monster has many other faces of it too. Understand and maximize its use so that it can be prove to be true value for your money. Besides cellphones various extensions and apps are available for your computers which serves the same purpose.

With the vision and Steve Jobs, for making cellphone so attractive and so easy to use and Samsung’s and Micromax’s pricing strategy to provide cellphones at cheaper cost, owing a smartphone can now be everyone’s cup of tea. Gone are the days when only higher income people could own a smartphone or a computer.

Everyday various apps are added in the apps store for increasing productivity, keeping in mind the difficulties faced by professionals in managing their work and personal life. Give below are the few apps/extensions which can prove to be handy:

  1. Pocket: Throughout the day we come across many articles, videos, images which we want to check out but due to work commitment, we are unable to. Later on, we forget or that site gets flooded with many new articles that we get lazy to find articles which we wanted to study. So here’s the catch, save them in pocket app and view later as per your convenience. Even internet connection is not required, once your interested thing is saved in the app. View and read them as per your convenience. (
  1. Rescue time: Are you unable to check out what is your productive time all through out the day when you are surfing on the internet. Don’t worry, this app will help you out knowing that. Install and evaluate your productive and un-productive time with the help of this app/extension.
  1. Are you tired of receiving e-mails that make you millionaire everyday or those pushing you to buy credit card, house, life insurance policies and unwanted stuffs. Somebody has acknowledged this and the time wasted in removing these kind of          e-mails and came up with this idea. Sign in at and get rid off of all those mails by unsubscribing them from one central place.
  1. Nike+ Running app: The old saying ‘Health is Wealth” will never get old. Growth should be the main criteria for any person, while doing anything. So if u wanna see your growth chart everyday in terms of kms/miles you ran and walked, calories you burned, install this app and get all the information. It provides a comprehensive programme to help you building a nice health. It works with the help of GPS and no internet connection is required too.
  1. Evernote: this app helps you to keep your to-do list at one place and provides you the platform to see them in an uncluttered manner. It helps you to prioritize your tasks by assigning specific time to it, so that no important task gets slipped by you and you end  frustration later.
  1. Dictionary: As KBC says: Seekhna band to Jeetna band( stop learning and you stop winning), this line will never go out of fashion. Beside containing English words with their meaning, this app give you a-word-a-day to learn and also provides the pronunciation facility for words and meaning. It can help you to learn how words are actually pronounced.
  1. Flipboard: While surfing a site we come across many uninterested articles, sections, columns etc, here comes the flipboard to help you. Download this app and customize its interface according to the articles of your interested.
  1. CompareRaja: Planning to buy a new cellphone, tablet, laptop, camera?? Hell lot of options are available in the market and everyday new launches flood the market too. You look and compare various e-commerce sites to get the best price and in the meanwhile, without your knowing , time gets flown away. This is where this app come in action to save your time. Download and install to see the prices of your gadget at one place, offered by various leading e-commerce sites.

Install and enjoy being the new you everyday. Keep your life on track with these apps and strive for getting better.

(Pratyush Harlalka- CA FINAL Student- E-mail:

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  1. Jyoti Priya says:

    Thanks a tonne for such a informative & useful post, will surely install these apps & make most of it.
    i was looking for some tool or app like “Pocket” so that i could view my saved pages/websites later.
    thanks again.. keep the good work up.. & keep posting. All the Best!

  2. Anand Khandewale says:

    Can you provide links for the apps or atleast the correct app name? It is difficult to locate the dictionary app specified by you.

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