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Why this Article:

The article is inspired by a famous writer ‘Alain de Botton’, he is a Swiss-British writer, philosopher, entrepreneur, television presenter and museum curator resident in the United Kingdom. Due credit to his idea on the topic that business and every people can benefit from spirituality and religions even if they don’t believe in God. He has written a nice book called ‘Atheism 2.0’. This article lists out some common aspects of religions and how they can help your business growth or your personal growth.

Let’s start the discussion about what is in it for you.

What we are talking about? How it is done? How it can affect your life and Business
Prayers In prayers, the worshiper repeats particular stanzas a certain number of time. For example a person chants ‘Om Namoh Shivay’ for 108 times at a particular time. May be 6.30 or 7.00 am in the morning. How you can apply the concept for your Business Growth: If you are leading an organization or you are an owner of any organisation, you have to repeat your vision mission purpose every day at a particular fixed time in the day. Let it be just after the lunch time At 2.30 pm or any time in the morning 9.30 Am or something. Take out that piece of paper from your pocket and repeat your organization’s vision, mission and purpose.It can be in any of your mobile software. It can be on your email. It can be in a word document on your desktop. It can be pinned on your boards around your desk. It can be framed in a picture and hanged on the wall of your office. Go there at that particular time and do your prayer.
Prayers -do- How you can apply the concept for Personal Growth: Same is the case with personal goals, people have goals but they don’t know how it will come to reality. But I must confess that human beings really underestimate themselves and we really don’t know how much we can accomplish in one single life. We have many examples in front of us. It all starts with a dream and a goal and a purpose. Write in on a piece of paper and look at it every day. I write my purpose in Any.Do software of my android phone. It reminds me my purpose every day at 9.00 AM. And believe me, it changes my life every day. It makes me smile, it makes me happy and alive. All the inspiration to write for good cause comes from the reminders which are nothing but my prayers for improvement of my life.
Wish to Get Moksh (Liberation) In mythology, it is said that if your karma are settled, you will get Moksha (Liberation) The willingness of Freedom: The Simple thing suggests that it is a natural nature of the human beings (soul) to find liberation. A child does not like botheration from parents, a teenager does not like intervention in their life by parents or friends, a student wants to do what he loves doing, an entrepreneur will never accept job (Naukari), an employee wants freedom.This simple idea guides us as to how we should form our policies for our employees and the organization at large. Freedom should be given priority. Rest of the things will fall in place.Just imagine, if you are an entrepreneur, you must have made a decision once upon a time in your life thinking that you want independence, when you long for freedom, your brain and creativity improves multifold and productivity triples. (That’s what my personal experience also says). Similarly, when you give freedom to your workforce in all possible ways, see the results. They will work for you with blood and sweat. Growth of business is assured.If you think a little more on Google’s HR management policies, you will find that this is the one thing that plays 80% role in the idea generation, innovativeness, creativity and success of Google.
Festivals There are many festivals in India and around the world which makes people gather at a place and greet each other. Or sometimes, just listen to some spiritual address by some spiritual master. Ritualistic Gatherings on Fixed Day of the years: What it means for business? You have to make a ritual to make your people gather at one place at least twice in a year. Let them know each other. Connect them. Let them feel like a big family. It feels alive to feel human beings. Sitting in front of computer 8 hours a day and 20 days a month is not the life.Festival teaches us to create these rituals on organizational level and feel connected to the human side of ourselves. It says do mechanical job but be human. That’s the difference between robot and human beings. They can feel, they can socialize, they can share love and sympathy, they can be compassionate to others’ problems. Who knows how many of your workforce will be able to solve their personal problems while meeting many people of your own Organization, you never know what they can learn out of such simple ritual of meeting each other. You never know how many people exchanges their ideas and become smarter from the next day. You never know where these changed people can take your organization. I feel at least two to three such gathering per year is recommended.
Meditation (Dhyan, Yoga) Amongst many methods, one method of meditation makes you focus on one point and think about virtues of God and positive about life. Focus on your aims and Goals: The meditation teaches us to focus on our aim, what we want out of the organization, what purpose we are serving, where are we heading. Being focused on what we are doing and what we want to do.In personal life, when nothing is going right, meditation teaches us to remain focused on the aim of life, goal of life, a ray of hope will be seen at the end of the tunnel. Don’t worry.
Fate (Takdeer) It is said in religions that everything is predetermined and destined. Do all you can and if you fail, see ahead and don’t look back: This simple formula can be applied when you were trying something and it fails, rather than wandering for the culprit and blaming one another for mistakes, forget about the past and say “It was destined, now what?”This philosophy works and allows us to focus on solution for the problem at hand and we don’t waste time in thinking about “Why this happened?” over and over again. This philosophy can easily save you from a heart attack.The same message was given in Shrimad Bhagvad Gita 2nd Chapter, Stanza 55 to 71 speaks about what are the Qualities of Sthitpragn (A person with Balanced mind)

Concluding remarks:

The inspiration Behind the Article: The inspiration to write this article came in my mind when I was sitting in Satsang today morning (25th May, 2014). After the Satsang, I discussed the same with few of my professional friends who also attends Satsang every day and they said it is nice thing to write about. Which gave me confidence and I proceeded to make best use of my day. And I strongly feel, there is a signal of God in making me instrumental for sending this message to you, so that the readers can bring some changes their life by changing their attitude towards what good they can learn from each and every religion.

What is Busituality: The term ‘Busituality’ also hit my mind at the same time which indicated that there can be many things in spirituality which business can learn and benefit from. Hence, business should not remain just business. It should be combination of Business+Spirituality. Caring and concern for employees as human beings is also a part of spiritual side of the business. To admit, I am strong promoter for care and concern for employees’ welfare in any kind of organizations. There is always synergy effect when these two aspects meet.

In case you want to add anything related to the subject or want to give your feedback for the above article please reach me on or +919022780919.

Jai Hind.

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0 responses to “Busituality – When Business Meets Spirituality and Religions”

  1. Krishna says:

    To a novice in spirituality or to a ignorant in spirituality or to a arrogant (that he need not know spirituality) and to a uninitiated, your article is delicious and appealing.

    Meditation is not concentration! Meditation is a state of thoughtlessness. Contemplation, concentration, japa are different methods. Geeta teaches detachment, which is a difficult quality to reach, not being indifferent!

    Personally its stemming from non understanding of philosophy…you need to go to a Guru to understand Moksha, Karma, Meditation, ….they are far far deeper in sense than the lighter way you have made it appear!

  2. Ayub Khan A says:

    An eye-opener for all interested in self-development!

    Regards, Mr. Rajesh.

  3. mukesh says:

    Business and spirituality are two sides of the coin ~ You can see many individuals treating their employees as a Family in TRUE sense, not mere verbally. All our activities in day to day life, has to move towards the concept of VASUDHAIV KUTUMBAKKAM. Its the ONENESS among us, which is the highest goal in life. All True religion teaches us about ONENESS. Oneness is Bond of Love. This can be beautifully intertwined with our daily activities. Spend collectively some time once a week for about an Hour to contemplate.

    There is more, collectively we can do anything, jus anything. Love n Hugs.

  4. Puneet says:

    Dear Rajesh,

    Very Nice Article. Keep it up!


  5. Kamal says:

    Dear Rajeshji

    Satya Mev Jayate
    Sat Sri Akaal

    Try reading about Saccha Sauda done by Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji.

    Satya Mev Jayate
    Sat Sri Akaal


  6. Nikunj Suchak says:

    Its really a wonderful article.It will help a lot in professional life.
    Keep it up.

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