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Pratyush Harlalka

In today’s hectic life schedule and a strive to become better by each passing day in this competitive environment, some professionals don’t take time for themselves (what psychologists call it- ME TIME).

Researchers of human psychology recommend to give priority to have- me time, to evaluate whats going on in a particular person’s life. Give your life a pause and think what are you striving for? Are you moving in the right direction? Are you adhering to the time schedule you have set for achieving your goal? In an effort to be at the top of your professional life, are you losing happy moments if your personal life?

Ang guess what, this exercise doesn’t requires much time, just 10 to 15 mins in isolation everyday and many things which are bothering you (knowingly or unknowingly) will show up to you and you can work on them accordingly.

The above exercise can be done at your level to better up your life and will help to strike a better work-life balance and as a result getting a more meaningful life.

Many Indian & Foreign personalities have led and/or leading very successful professional and personal life. We always wonder how they manage to all those things in so called 24 hours, which always seems less for us.

So that you can connect better, I am gonna talk about Indian personalities only.

Here we go,

1. Narendra Damodardas Modi: (MERE PYAARE DESH WAASIYON): This is the tagline he is now a days referred to after the recent speech on Nov 8 evening for demonetization of 86% of currency in circulation. 

Personality Trait:  (a) Never afraid to take bold political moves.

(b) Hardly escapes any question which targets his accountability towards nation and its people.

(c) Visionary and great planner.

How it is useful to a professional:

Being a professional, you might come across situations where bold moves are required to be taken in order to prove your mettle and credibility, never hesitate to take bold move in such a situation. Even if the outcome is not in your favour, as u may fall prey and be a victim of corporate politics, you will be self-satisfied and grow stronger.

Never escape any conversation which questions your accountability. As a particular position has been assigned to you, you are totally accountable for the outcomes of it. Never run out of your responsibility and the toughness of situation.

Always plan ahead and be a visionary in your of expertise. It will take your Professional career to new heights and consequently you wont find yourself in a herd. For such uniqueness, always strive to be updated in the advancements going on in your field and be a quick learner in adopting the current changes. Don’t sit idle to be spoon-feeded.

2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni:

No one deserves better to be here than the former Indian captain MS Dhoni. Best known for his understanding of the game and most importantly for his Calm & Compose attitude, this Ranchi guy has turned the statistics of the Indian cricket and has set a new benchmark for the upcoming players around the world.

Professional Trait: (a) Believe in yourself: when World thinks that these much runs are not possible in the final 1-2 overs of the match, MS Dhoni has proved them wrong. This is why he is termed as Best Finisher in the World.

(b) Always calm and composed: Victory excites him and defeat motivates him to work on the shortcomings.

(c) Proud yourself– once asked in an interview that who he wants to be if he gets a new birth on this earth. Surprisingly, he told I want to be MS Dhoni again, same parents, same city, same struggle

How it is useful to a professional:

As a professional or in general as a human being you have  to believe in yourself when the world is against you or not favouring you. This reminds me of the lyrics from one of the song of the recent released movie Dangal-

Thhos majboot bharosa
Apne sapno pe karna
Jitne muh utni baatein
Gaur kitno pe karna

Aaj logon ki baari
Jo kahe keh lene de
Tera bhi din aayega
Uss din hisab chukake rehna aa..

Always stay down to earth. No situation in life can make or break you. They come to make you an even better person if you are strong enough to perveive them in right way.

Always feel proud in your work and in your life. You are as unique as successful anyone on this planet. Don’t let your current situation be the deciding factor of your upcoming bright future. Drop all the luggage of past behind and feel easy and light and move forward in the direction of your desired life.

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    Use of blend of politics, sports and bollywood (which is somehow part of everybody’s life) to express such a inspirational message and linkinking it to professionalism is exceptional.
    You inspired me brother. Please keep up the good work.

  2. R Suresh says:

    Good and nice one indeed. Well analyzed the personality traits whose career started with a very simple start and moved to a very successful ones. Continue posting such good ones.

  3. CA Madhumita says:

    Very nicely written, very motivated. It is true a successful professional is one who is knowledgeable and emotionally strong person

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