What does failure mean to you?

If you google it, the first rectangular box says: To be unsuccessful in achieving ones goal.

Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad has an amazing theory on failure

The book reads “Success is a poor teacher, we learn the most about ourselves when we fail….so don’t be afraid of failing. Failing is part of the process of success. You cannot have success without failure. So unsuccessful people are people who never fail.”

CA results come out and some do great. While others are determined. You might have failed your ‘First attempt’ goal but the Ultimate goal to become a CA still stands straight.

Just think about your senior who had answers to all your questions in the world but the Result sheet displayed FAIL, I wonder if it had shown PASS had he been a different person? But it is what it is

Let’s admit the fact that our life is not in an examination hall, It happens more like an open book test, the one who has the skills wins. For most professions a single sheet of paper may decide the future, But the fact isn’t true for our profession.

When a person is unable to clear CA exams, Its not because the person is careless or lazy. Infact CA Students are the ones who mature over this fact way too soon while others are still having their college hangovers. Studying is easy when you are just studying but it gets harder and harder as the days of our articleship counts. those late night audits and those early morning classes, People don’t understand but you do! Right?

Let yourself off the hook for a while. Stop blaming anyone. Give it time.

Like, in law we have “Suspect untill proven Guilty”… CA exams have a universal law failed unless result shows otherwise. (Pun intended)

Let’s read out the names of AIRs… How many do you recollect! I do recollect one: Shailee Chaudhary . I always wondered why is she a HERO, And a sudden incident made me realize, walking towards your path is great, but walking after a big fall and achieving such a success is what makes her efforts count and her a HERO.

So, if you failed an attempt, Give yourselves time. Don’t blame anyone. Get yourselves comfortable and then Start! Start big and make your efforts count. I am waiting to hear the good news

P.s. Dedicated to my Brother

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