Ashish Gogia

Ashish Gogia

Considering many aspects, it is a matter of confusion for the CA Students specially whether to go for satellite class or face to face class. I am presenting an article in the above mentioned topic so that the confusion among us could be reduced/removed to some extent.

The technological development at present scenario in respect of computer & internet has brought the vast changes in human life-the way we live, work & study. It is obvious that change is inevitable and one should accept the technological change so as to understand it and be familiar with it, i.e. we should be flexible to accept the change. Until and unless we change the way we study, we cannot move ahead.

Let us discuss about the satellite classes/e-learning/online coaching:

Simply speaking, e-learning is the use of technology that enables us to study (learn) at any time & from anywhere in an electronic way with the help of computers & Internet. E-learning means electronic learning. It is a computerized and digital type of education in which texts, audio or sound, pictures, images, graphics and videos can be simultaneously presented online to students. The term eLearning is really just an umbrella term which covers a wide set of electronic educational applications and processes such as Web-based learning, computer-based learning, virtual classrooms, and digital collaboration. It includes the delivery of content via network, audio and video recordings, satellite broadcast, interactive TV, and CD-ROM as well as many, many others. Students can study anywhere they have access to a computer and Internet connection i.e., students can take classes by sitting at home.

Without facts and proofs no one can say/suggest CA Students either to go for satellite class or to opt for face t o face classes, so I am going to highlight its some merits and demerits:


1. Time and money factor:

Traveling time can be saved from home/office place to class and vice-versa as we can take classes on laptops or if we join the nearest satellite centre.

Cost can be saved in the following sense:

–  Obviously travelling cost could be saved.

–  Satellite classes’ fees are low in compare to face to face classes.

–  If one friend wishes to take class from the laptop then his friend also could attend the same class with him by sharing/dividing the fees among them.

–  and reduces the need for costly classroom-based training

2. Flexibility:

Satellite classes ensure flexibility in the sense that there is no fixed time to take the class if a student is taking class through it as those classes could be accesses 24/7 through internet connection. One can take class whenever he becomes free.

3. Quality in class

It is cent percent clear that even no teacher dreams for providing satellite classes unless he is a renowned, leading, well-experienced faculty. The two-way transmission quality is very good. Both audio and video have high degree of clarity. The large–size image is not eye straining, even for 4 hour sessions.

Let’s take an example for this: Online e-Learning facility provided by ICAI consists of best faculties’ lectures, Satellite classes of Accounts by CA. Parveen Sharma Sir is another instance.

4. Doubts solving:

It should not be misunderstood that the doubts of our friend remain unsolved/unanswered by our CA. Sirs if we go for satellite classes, those queries are handled by the same faculties when we send the query /ies via, sms or email. Students can speak to the faculty, raise queries and interact, as in a normal class atmosphere. The faculty can see the students and speak to them very clearly.

5. No. of students:

Neither teacher nor students can concentrate over each other as it has become a practice of keeping  at least 800 to 1000 (or even more than this) ca students  by our CA Sirs in a single class in case we go for Face to Face Mode. Could you imagine this?

Nobody knows anyone. Interaction among the students could be found unprofessional in many cases. While in satellite classes the class size consists of approx 50 students which seem to be fruitful.

6. Learning:

Students develop knowledge of the Internet and computers skills that will help learners throughout their lives and careers. Successfully completing online or computer-based courses builds self-knowledge and self-confidence. Encourages students to take responsibility for their learning


1. Unfamiliar (lack of it skills)

We CA Students are not even used to in operating the computer and using internet in a normal way and we are not aware about the changes in technology, so we are running after the traditional method of learning. We the students have to manage our time in article ship as well and being familiar with technology & implementing them to study the classes could be a limiting factor for CA Students.

2. Queries:

A CA Student can ask doubt even then & there or at the break time to the teacher, however, in case of satellite classes the SMS sent doesn’t get delivered timely even if the SMS gets delivered the teacher would ignore the message thinking it to be irrelevant  or out of syllabus, the mail sent may not be replied. Thus, the CA Student cannot come out of the confusion.

3. Class cancellation:

Cancellation of satellite classes is frequent due to light issue and atmospheric change (environmental change) in India. If the day is cloudy or rainy we cannot watch the clear videos so that the class gets cancelled. In many cases it has been seen that those cancelled classes are being operated by the satellite centers in another time (ie. For example: cancelled class time: 6.30 to 10.30 in the morning & re-operated time: 5.30 to 9.30 in the evening). It is difficult for us to manage the time.

4. Suitability:

One has to maintain the perfect discipline and dedication while attending CA Classes through satellite mode which is quite uncommon quality among CA Students so, their small misbehavior in the class may interrupt the whole class.

5. Fees of some teachers:

We have discussed and it is well known to us that Satellite classes are being delivered by  top faculties in India and in CA teaching field it has been seen that no cost saving in respect of fees  is possible as the fees charged  is high. E.g.-Fee of face to face class is 20000/- and Satellite Class is 19000/- (This situation can be reviewed by every CA Student). A very low benefit.

Now coming to the conclusion what I would like to focus is that – you can’t have it both ways. If you desire to become a responsible, self-sufficient, independent learner and would like be familiar with the emerging technology then it’s the time to start for the Satellite Classes. The choice is yours whether  to accept the change or follow the same old method of learning.

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  1. Sharma says:

    The four hour session on a single subject in satellite classes in just waste of time . Scientifically it is proved that no person can learn after one hour involvement in a subject…Better if they change the pattern or else no result.

  2. Nnvco Eitr says:

    Totally one sided article. Seems to be written by some coaching class person. Why you should pay so much to watch a pre-recorded video. Many classes peon comes, starts a pre-recorded video and at the end again comes to close computer screen, what computer knowledge students get out that.

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