Most of the people in the world are not aware of the fact that the Cosmic plan for all living beings on the planet earth is so designed that there is a provision for all, as far as the material requirements are concerned. In this context, it must be realized that the universe is abounding in all good things, material as well as spiritual, but still most of the persons are busy in blind pursuit to secure a few gold coins or a few acres of dirt and it then that we realize how destructive and ignorant selfishness is. In other words, constant self seeking is nothing but self-destruction.

Besides, it must also be realized that there is no such thing as “competition” in the world. Those who are leading a stressful life in order to achieve more and more material prosperity, positions, name and fame in life, are laboring in a massive illusion.

It must also be stated here that the Like attracts the Like. In other words, the electromagnetic vibrations or energy which we send out into the Cosmos in the form of thought, speech and deed will bring back everything into our life good or bad incidents.

Therefore, under all circumstances, we should do what we build up right and we should display total trust in the Cosmic Law and the Divine Power. In such a situation, the Cosmic Intelligence or God will never desert us and we will always feel protected. If such trust is displayed in our attitude, then even the so-called losses will be converted into gains and all the curses which threaten us will be transmuted into blessings. Therefore, always ensure that your life is guided by integrity, generosity and love for all. This kind of attitude will lift us into the truly prosperous state.

Therefore, it is advisable that we should let our soul expand. Let our heart reach out to others in loving and generous warmth and then great and lasting will be our joy and all prosperity will come to us.

There are men but by the power of integrity and faith have defied all competition and without even slightly changing their methods, when competed with, have risen steadily into prosperity, whilst those who tried to undermine them have fallen back defeated.

It must also be realized that to possess those inward qualities which constitute goodness is to be armoured against all the powers of evil and to be doubly protected in every time of trial and to build oneself up in those qualities is to build up a success which cannot be shaken and enter into a prosperity which will endure forever.

Therefore, we should always be in a loving, joyful and thankful state of mind and such an attitude will always attract all good things into our life. On the other hand, if we always keep on complaining about things in life, then we will be repelling all good things of life and attract all kinds of evil and bad incidents into our life.

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