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MVAT – Due dated extended for Audit Report in form 704 for 2012-13 by developers to 10th May 2014

Trade Circular No 10 T of 2014 29/03/2014

It is represented by the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India that in view of the later Trade Circular No. 7T of 2014 , developers are allowed to file revise returns till 30th April 2014. Audit Report cannot be finalized till the time the return are filed. It is, therefore, requested to extend the date for filing of Audit Report per...

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Sure key to achieve prosperity in life

Most of the people in the world are not aware of the fact that the Cosmic plan for all living beings on the planet earth is so designed that there is a provision for all, as far as the material requirements are concerned. In this context, it must be realized that the universe is abounding in all good things, material as well as spiritual,...

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Thin Capitalization in India

1.0         INTRODUCITON A company is said to be thinly capitalized when a greater proportion of its ‘capital-structure’ is made up of ‘debt’ than of ‘equity’. The interest payments generated on ‘debt capital’ is treated as a finance charge, and is allowable as a deduction in the taxable corporate income, thereby r...

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What does section 144 of companies act 2013 talks about?

There was no provision in Companies’ Act 1956 in respect to restrictions for providing certain services by the statutory auditors. The newly inserted section 144 of the Companies Act 2013 is the new provision that comes with the list of services that statutory auditors are restricted to render to their clients....

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All about Company's Directors

The term 'Director' refers to a rank in management of the company. A director is a person who leads or supervises a certain area of private or public limited company. Companies that use this title often have more than one director spread throughout for different functions of the company. ...

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Fast track quick revision of Residential Status

The objective of this video is to to do revision of chapter residential status. Those students who have already studied residential status in detail shall find this video very useful. 1. Learn, understand and Memorise sections of residential status...

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