Hello friends in the current article we will discuss about various issues involved during generation of UDIN by a practicing Chartered accountants.

1. Multiple reports under one assignment. Whether to issue multiple UDIN or one?

In case there are multiple reports under single assignment undertaken by a member then there is no requirement of multiple UDIN. UDIN is to be generated on ‘Assignment wise’ and same UDIN is to be used in all documents signed under that assignment. In case a member has undertaken a bank audit then while signing various certificates same UDIN can be used for all the certificates to be signed for that particular Bank audit assignment.

2. Is there any Cap on number of UDINs can be generated by a CA?

There is no limit on number of unique identification number to be generated by a particular member of ICAI.

3. Consequences of not generating UDIN which are mandatory as per ICAI

UDIN has to be generated and it has been made mandatory, a member not generating UDIN  for mandatory documents will amount to non-adherence of the council decision and may attract disciplinary proceedings as per the Second Schedule Part II of The chartered Accountants act 1949.

4. Process of generating UDIN

To register at UDIN portal, please take the following steps:

Step 1: Enter the homepage https://udin.icai.org

Step 2: Click button “For first time sign up, click here”

Step 3: Enter your six-digit Membership No., Date of Birth and Date of Enrollment, and click the “Send OTP”. An OTP will be sent to you at the mobile and email, as  registered  with the ICAI.

Step 4: Enter OTP received and click “Continue”, you will receive username and system generated password at the mobile and email, as registered with the ICAI.

Step 5: After login, click “Generate UDIN”

Step 6: Enter details such as, your Client Reference Code/Number, Document Issued, Document Description, Date of Document, Keywords/Values (minimum three) with in the document and click thebutton “Send OTP”. Firm Registration Number (FRN) is

Step 7: An OTP will be sent to you at themobile and email, as registered with the

Step 8: Enter OTP received and click the button “Preview”. You will see the details you have entered for generating the

Step 9: If there is any change in the content, you should click the button “Back” or else click the button “Submit”

Step 10: A UDIN will be generated and you can use that UDIN on the document for which it has been generated

5. Whether one UDIN can be used for multiple certificates generated on the same day?

UDIN is issued on assignment basis hence each assignment would require separate UDIN number irrespective of the fact that multiple assignment are being undertaken on the same day or not by the member.

6. Validity of UDIN

UDIN once issued doses not have any expiry date or it can also be said that once generated UDIN has no expiry however if UDIN is revoked by member for any reason then validity of UDIN would expire.

7. Generation of UDIN in advance.

There is no option to generate UDIN in advance. However UDIN can be generated or has to be generated within 15 days of signing of any documents or reports.

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