Recently I came to know about KFC’s venture to employ Hearing-impaired employees to run a restaurant in Pakistan. I just happened to see the video and I was touched to the core of my heart. What a profound idea. Then I searched on internet about related news and found two such news items as follows. I tried to discuss benefits and impact on Brand Image of the company. (Internal Brand Image and external Brand Image)

  1. Retail outlets hiring Differently-Abled

  1. KFC Restaurant run by Hearing Impaired Employees-
  2. Can And Able –

The articles mentioned above had mention of several other such retailers that has already employed or are in the process of employing differently abled persons.

Let’s discuss some of the consequences of employing such techniques apart from economic benefits to the organization.

  1. Customer Reaction: Customers and the society will see the company as a socio-responsible company and will have a respect towards them.
  2. Image/Brand building: Because of reason discussed in point 1, it creates a good brand name in the minds of society and future (probable) customers.
  3. Employee Engagement: In countries like India, if the employer gives importance to differently abled people and employs them, certainly the employee engagement comes naturally. Productivity sores.
  4. Reduced Employee Turnover: High employee engagement will result in low employee turnover ratio for the reasons mentioned in point 3.
  5. Reduced Training Cost of Employees: Once the employee turnover goes down, it will result in reduction in training time per year and will result in cost saving for the company.

Internal Brand Building:

One important concept and advantage I want to discuss here and which I feel is relevant to discuss is about Internal Brand Building. By internal Brand Image, I mean image in the eyes of your employees. How your own employees see your organization. When we are busy creating a Brand Image in front of the whole world, it’s even more important to create a good Brand Image in the eyes of your employees. This is even more challenging because you can fool the whole world, but you cannot fool your employees, they will truly know who you really are (they are sitting there working whole day, so mind it you cannot fool them). That’s why it’s even more difficult to build internal brand image.

To speak my own mind, if I would have been an employee of such organization that employs differently abled people, the image of my company in my eyes will certainly improve and I will see the employer as an employer stands apart from the crowd. I will see that it’s not ordinary organization, it’s extra ordinary. If I am proud of my organization, I will work enthusiastically and I will be more engaged in work and my dedication and loyalty for my organization will improve. This will certainly result in financial benefits to my organization.

Financial Benefits: Obviously, in the long run, the company employing differently abled people will benefit financially because of all the reasons discussed in the above paras. Especially because of Brand Image in front of customers and in the eyes of your employees.

My Question to such organizations: My question to such organization is that when they will be making such extra profits/financial benefits out of using such tactics and techniques, are they giving back to the society or employees a part of such benefits received. Are they giving the salaries and remuneration to differently abled employees at par with other employees? Or they are just giving them opportunities at below-par remuneration?

The question is posed because of lack of my deep research on the salary data from KFC or organizations that employ differently abled people. But, I came across an article which states that “Salary of The remuneration of a differently-abled working person is commensurate with the job profile.” As told to Indian Express by General Manager (Human Resources), Lemon Tree Hotels.

Conclusion: To conclude, there are only benefits to employing this strategy of HR to employ differently abled people in the organization. Even if there are any drawbacks, they are temporary and the benefits are long term. This measure will not cost the company anything extra because of reasons discussed in the above pages. Every organization should be encouraged to think on this line and build a better workplace.

I hope we will build a better corporate arena with measures like this and make the world proud to have such organizations. I respect them all. Good Job, keep it up and we are with you.

What is the duty of Chartered Accountant community? If you are convinced of the advantages as discussed above, I request that it should be conveyed to your clients so that we can create a positive change in the society. If this article results in employment of at least 10 differently abled people, I will feel it was worth bringing it into paper.

(Written by CA Rajesh Pabari, suggestions and feedback are welcome email – [email protected] or WhatsApp me on +919022780919)

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  1. VUM Rao says:

    Such organizations employing differently abled people should be encouraged.
    It is a great courage exhibited by the Cos’ with compassion to fellow beings. All Companies and Governments should come forward to employ Differently abled people. Awareness should be generated all over the country and to the world. These are the people who should be supported and encouraged by all abled people so that they carry on with their lives with respect and dignity.

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