Procedure to Exam Enrolment by Students Under the New System

User Manual- Student Enrolment


This document will guide the registered student on how to enroll in the registered course for a particular session.

1 Add Enrollment Request

Registered students can enroll in the course for the session anytime after 6 months of the registration.

1. User will double click on web browser (recommended web browser Internet explorer 9 or above, Google Chrome 39 or above, Mozilla 38 or above) to open the web browser and type the URL in the web browser address bar.

2. User login with valid credential under USER LOGIN section.

3. After successful login user will navigate to Welcome screen where user go to the header menu MODULE and go to sub menu ENROLLMENT.

Add Enrollment Request

Screen: User navigate to Enrollment

4. User will click on Examination Enrollment Request under ENROLLMENT sub menu and navigated to the Examination Enrollment Request screen as shown in below screen.

5. User will be navigated to below screen where User Request to Enroll.

6. Click on the ” Add Enrollment Request” button to open the enrollment form.

Click on the Add Enrollment Request

Screen: User Request to Enroll

Note: Enable popup window of the web browser.

User Request to EnrollScreen: Enrollment Form

Note: Review all the selected information in the enrollment form before clicking on the “Next”button as any later changes will be allowed up to certain stipulated dates and additional fee (varies from time to time) will be levied for all such changes.

7. After the click on “Next”button from screen Enrollment Form, Fee Detail page will be displayed.

8. Read the agreement and check the agreement checkbox (if agree) and then click on “Next” button on Fee Detail screen. On this screen user will have option to go back and make any changes.

Fee detail

Screen: Fee detail

9. Preview screen will be displayed to review the enrollment detail and confirm the enrollment for the session. On this screen user will have option to go back and make any changes.

Preview the enrollment detail

Screen: Preview the enrollment detail

10. Click on “Confirm Application” button to make the payment.

11. Select the payment mode and click on “Next” button.

Choose Payment Mode

Screen: Choose Payment Mode

12. Click on Next button to progress the payment and see the payment detail.

Next button to progress

13. Click on “Proceed” button to enter the payment detail, system will generate the payment receipt.

14. Student will retain the copy of the receipt for the examination fee remitted by them during the examination enrollment process.

1.1 Complete Enrollment Request

In case the enrollment process was not completed in one sitting then user can find the initiated enrollment form under Examination Enrollment Request screen, Search Result

If user click on “Add Enrollment Request” button after enrollment intiation then the message will be displayed “Your request is in progress, please complete it.”on the top of Enrollment Form. Follow below steps if this message displayed.

1. Select the enrolment record and click on “Complete Enrollment Request” button.

2. Make sure popup window is enabled.

Complete Enrolment Request

Screen: Complete Enrolment Request

3. Continue completing the form from where it was left.



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