The Institute is receiving a number of queries from the students informing therein that they are facing difficulties in resetting the password while migrating to the ICSI SMASH Portal. Even though detailed User Manual has been uploaded on the website, the procedure for resetting the password is described hereunder :

Step-1 Click on the following link to visit the SMASH Portal :


The following screen opens:

SMASH Portal

Step-2 Students may directly visit the Reset/ Create Password link :


The following screen opens :

Reset Create Password

Enter the Registration Number and Verification Code

Step-3 The following screen opens :

screen opens

Enter Registration Number, Date of Birth, Country, Mobile Number and E-Mail Id (the details should exactly match with those appearing in the Old System) and click on the Submit Button

Step-4 The following screen opens :

Enter the New Password and Confirm

Enter the New Password and Confirm the same. While entering new password, please ensure that the password containts atleast one character in Uppercase, one character in Lowercase, one Special Character and one Numerical character. For example Student@123.

Step 5 The following screen opens :

Password is created

Password is created, say, Student@123

Step 6 Login to the SMASH Portal with newly created password as at Step 5 above. At First Login to the New Portal the following screen opens :

Change password

Enter the Old Password (i.e. the password as entered at Step 4 above).

Enter the New Password, say, Student@1234

Step 7 The following screen opens :

Change password screen

Click on OK button, you are now you are ready to login to the new portal and avail the services. The Change password screen opens only at the time of First Login to the Portal.

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