In terms of the decision taken by the Council following advice received from the Income Tax Department, the Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card details of the members and firm of chartered accountants are required to be included in the Central Database of the Institute.

The members are therefore requested to provide the following details with self-attested copy of PAN card to their concerned Regional office on or before 15th December, 2015.

Member’s PAN details:

S. No. Particulars of Member Details
1. Name of Member
2. Membership Number
3. PAN Number (Self attested copy to be enclosed)

Firm’s PAN details (if applicable):

S. No. Particulars of Firms Details
1. Name of Firm
2. Firm Registration Number
3. Name of the Member in-charge with Membership Number
4. PAN Number (Self attested copy to be enclosed)

Alternatively, they can also email the self-attested scanned copy of the above details along with photocopy of the Pan Card to the following email ids.

1) Members of Western Region :
2) Members of Southern Region :
3) Members of Eastern Region :
4) Members of Central Region :
5) Members of Northern Region :

(V. Sagar)
Secretary, ICAI
Dated: 20th November 2015

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One response to “ICAI Members/Firms to furnish PAN details”

  1. YOGESH BANSAL says:

    Is there any way to check whether PAN is updated in ICAI or not.

  2. Rajinder Aggarwal says:

    In case of prop. firm it PAN card should be self attested without stamp

  3. Ninad says:

    Sir, Self attestedm eans either only Sign or Sign with stamp ( in case of proprietor)

  4. Ninad says:

    Sir, Self attested means either only sign or sign with firm Stamp ( In Case of Proprietor)

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