The petitions maintained at Jaipur High Court & Andra High courts praying for restraining the new council to take over have been dismissed by the respective Honorable courts. Now there is no hurdle at present in taking over charge of the institute affairs from 12th February 2010. Now First Meeting of the Twenty-First Council shall be held on 12th February, 2010 at 11.00 A.M. in the office of the Institute at New Delhi to transact the following  main business..

A. Election of the President.

B. Election of the Vice-President.

C. Constitution of the Standing Committees and Election of Members thereto.

D. Constitution of the Non-Standing Committees and Election of Members thereto.

E. Appointment of Trustees of the Institute’s Provident Fund.

F. Appointment of Trustees of the Employees’ Group Gratuity-cum- Term Assurance Scheme.

G. Nomination of Institute’s representatives on National/International Bodies including Committees, Sub-Committees, etc.

H. Importantly Composition of the Twentieth Regional Councils.

Our heartiest wishes are with them while taking over the responsibilities of the 159000 Members of the institute.

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