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CA Prarthana Jalan

“यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः ।
यत्रैतास्तु न पूज्यन्ते सर्वास्तत्राफलाः क्रियाः ॥

We are taught the aforesaid sloka since the very childhood and our Indian culture has always given weight age about worshipping women and showing respect to them. We had the tradition of “swayamvar” prevalent in our traditions since time immortal .Yet, even in today’s 21st century when we are progressing in every sphere still the problem of female infanticide, honour killing, molestation , gender discrimination , domestic-violence etc are still very much there. Ironically,these are not limited to only un-educated people but even in professional world wherein sadly a person is not judged by competency but by gender.

Our CA Profession is also not deprived of this gender discrimination. We have girls in huge numbers joining the course and also completing the course with flying colours but the number of girls or Female CA that  join the main stream profession are very less in numbers. Girls when undergoing the CA Course are only students, they also undergo the same course, same article ship training, pass the same exam with same rules and regulations but suddenly when pass out the exam they are categorized as female CA. Their COP are misused or are used as dummy partners in firms. Even post marriage also many female CA’s just lend their names in their husband firm. If these problems are to be addressed then it is the very sufferers who can stop it i.e women itself.  As said by Hon’ble PM in his recent speech in the women’s parliamentarians meet -No body can empower women, only women itself can empower it. These words should be implemented by the women community. Women need to realize it.


Image Source- http://plusquotes.com/womens-day-images-photos-womens.php

We have the same potential, right to dream and the right to full fill our dreams. Living equally and with dignity is our fundamental right. There are times when we are suppressed , made to realise our shortcoming, our limits but always remember that “hands that rock the cradle rules the nation”. Instead of giving up we should mould ourselves as river and try to find out ways in between moulds and to carve our own paths to reach our destination. We are blessed to live in this techno world where we have ample ways and platforms to showcase our potential, to raise voice against injustice. We should use this blessing to the fullest. We have been granted with extra potential and edge over others as we have the capability of doing versatile works at same time. A human body can bear only upto 45 Del (unit) of pain.But at the time of giving birth, a woman feels up to 57 Del of Pain. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at a time. Dont underestimate yourself, don’t believe in people who say that we are weak. The path of our dreams might be rocky but the destination is always beautiful. Never give up. Though all these aforesaid words might appear as bookish and un-practical to many but I myself have tried it and used it.

There was a time when initially I took the decision of just focusing on Income Tax then I was told by many people that Income Tax is not for girls and I just wanted to answer them by my work and not by my words. I took their words as a steeping stone though I was fortunate enough to have CA Deependra Mohan as my mentor. But those who tell you that it is not mean’t for you just ask them “why not?”.So just believe in yourself and your dreams. Don’t let anyone else value yourself . Just tie-up the belts and take the control of your life flight and as recently the whole female crew took a flight of non-stop 17 hours and had set a world record similarly each one of us have the potential to take the flight of our dreams and land it on the runway of our destination. A Happy Women’s Day to all and feel proud and cherish your women hood.

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