The ICAEW has issued a warning about people/firms who attempt to pass themselves off as “Chartered Accountants”, who are in fact not entitled to use the designatory letters ACA or FCA.

Here is the ICAEW’s warning in full:

“Each week ICAEW receives complaints – from ICAEW members and from members of the public – about individuals and organisations who describe themselves as ‘chartered accountant(s)’ or who use the letters ACA or FCA after their name when they are not entitled to.

When we receive these complaints, we take steps to make sure that the individual or organisation stops using the description ‘chartered accountant’ or the letters ACA or FCA. ICAEW takes these cases very seriously because members of the public can be misled into thinking that the individual is a qualified chartered accountant or – in the case of a former ICAEW member – that they are still entitled to describe himself/herself as a chartered accountant.

This page lists firms and individuals who have been brought to our attention in the last three years.

Firms – The following firms and companies have given an undertaking not to pass themselves off as an ICAEW member firm. They are neither current ICAEW member firms nor firms associated or connected with ICAEW.

  • Wilshers & Co
  • Haigh Hudson, Huddersfield
  • Compadvise Limited, London
  • Helrik Limited, London
  • The Really Cheap Accountancy Company, Salisbury
  • Paul Osborne & Co, London
  • Hill Associates, Studley, Warwickshire
  • Craig Callum Associates, Liverpool
  • Morgan Hayes, Cheshire
  • Re-accts, Stoke-on-Trent
  • KDL, Eastcote, Middlesex
  • Darbyshire & Co, Whalley, Lancs
  • Chase Henderson, London
  • ATC & Associates, London
  • Global Tax Accountants, Walkley, Sheffield
  • Wise & Co, London
  • Solar Accountants
  • Peter Tan & Co, South Croydon
  • Integra Global Solutions, Thatcham, Berks
  • Hammel Accountancy Services, London
  • Convex Capital, London
  • Anthony Prince & Co, Bromley
  • 3Sixty Group Holdings Limited, London
  • Graham Ralph & Co Limited, Eastbourne
  • Young & Co, Middlesex

Individuals – The following individuals have given an undertaking not to pass themselves off as members of ICAEW. They are neither current ICAEW members nor individuals associated or connected with ICAEW.

  • Patricia Kemp, Stockport
  • Bhagwandas K. Desai, Kingsbury, London
  • Dinesh K. Desai, Kingsbury, London
  • Trevor Jacobs, Bourne, Lincolnshire
  • Michael Rowe, Durham
  • Stephen Jackson, Stoke-on-Trent
  • Philip Fernandez, Stratford, London
  • Peter Howley, Haywards Heath
  • Paul Hinchcliffe, Cheltenham
  • Rasheed Abolaji Gbesan
  • Keith Thomas Colman, Bawdeswell, Dereham, Norfolk
  • Hugh Lucie Smith, Lancing, W. Sussex
  • Michael Savva, Oxfordshire
  • Martin Edward Thorp, London
  • Jonathan Ashcroft, Moreton-in-Marsh
  • Geoffrey Langdale, High Bentham, Lancs
  • Jacqui Stokes, Frome
  • Belal Choudhury, London
  • Barry Gumbley, Littleborough, Lancs
  • Miles Offord, Sheffield
  • David Keith Evans, London

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