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Some of the common errors committed by the students during the examination enrollment process are given hereunder with an advice to the students to be careful and avoid such errors which will help in eliminating the complications at a later stage.

Sl.No. Errors and consequence Expectations from the Students
1 Logging into the Old system for submission of Examination Form As the students may have noticed, the Institute has migrated to the new software system for submission of examination form and most of the other services. Students have to, first of all, reset their password in the new system. They may reset the password at the following link:

2 Students are not able to see the User Manuals for various services in the new system. The User Manuals may be viewed/ downloaded at the following link:

3 Incorrect selection of Examination Centre, Medium & Module resulting in complications in their examination
Students are advised to be extremely careful while filling up the form & recheck all the parameters selected by them before finally submitting the form.
4 Requests for change of Examination Centre, Medium & Module are made after expiry of the stipulated dates which are not accepted by the Institute After the last date for enrollment to examinations (with late fee), the online facility for submission of request for change of Examination Centre, Medium & Module is activated. Students can submit their requests upto 15 days before the commencement of examinations. Students are advised to submit their requests for changes strictly as per stipulated dates. For June,2017 examination last date is as under:
Foundation, Executive & Professional Programmes
17th May,2017 upto 16:00 Hours
5 Non-submission of request for Change of Elective Subject before submitting the examination form and the students will have no choice but to appear in the elective subject which was existing the system prior to examination enrollment Students are allowed to opt for a different Elective Subject, if needed, in every examination session. However, the Online Request for Change of Elective Subject should be submitted before submitting the examination form. Once the examination form is submitted by the students, they will not be allowed to change the elective subject for the said session.
6 Delay in deposit of Cash & Short remittance of Cash against Bank Challan (e.g. students generate Bank Challan on 25th March,2017 and deposit the cash in bank on 26th March,2017 or a later date without the applicable late fee) resulting in applicability of late fee. Students may please note that those who generate the bank challan upto 25th March,2017 (which is the last date for submission of examination form without late fee) have to deposit the cash in bank on 25th March,2017 itself. In case they fail to deposit the cash by 25th March,2017, they are required to regenerate the challan and deposit the cash with applicable late fee.
7 Deposit of Cash against Bank Challan after the last date of examination enrollment (with late fee) i.e. 9th April,2017 resulting in rejection of examination application submitted by the students. Students may please note that those who generate the challan on or before 9th April,2017 (Last date with late fee) are required to deposit the same on 9th April,2017 itself otherwise the examination form submitted by them will be rejected for late remittance of fee.
8 Necessity of having a valid fee receipt/ acknowledgement failing which the examination application submitted shall be rejected. Students may please note that they should hold a valid fee receipt/ acknowledgement bearing a unique acknowledgement number for the examination fee remitted by them which is automatically generated by the system at the time of making the payment. Some students assume that the payments made by them are successful considering the debit entry in their bank accounts which may be reverted to their accounts after a few days in case of failed transactions. Therefore, it is in the interest of the students to ensure that they are having a valid fee receipt/ acknowledgement for the acknowledgement for the payments made by them. It may please be noted by the students that excess fee, if any, received by the Institute would be refunded to them.
9 Delay in seeking Registration Denovo / Extension pending approval of requests for Registration Denovo /Extension, students shall not be able to submit the examination form The registration to regular stage (consisting of Executive Programme & Professional Programme) is valid for a period of five years. Students whose registrations are expiring in the month of February/ August are eligible for appearing in June! December Examinations respectively. However, students whose registrations are expiring prior to the months of February / August are required to seek Registration Denovo! Extension (as per guidelines) to become eligible for appearing in June/ December Session of Examinations. Students are required to seek Registration Denovo / Extension leaving a reasonable period for its approval to become eligible for submitting the examination form by the stipulated dates.
10 Non-verification of paper-wise exemption granted to the students automatically/proactively by the Institute under the 60% Marks Criteria. Students appearing in the examinations
disregarding the exemption granted may please note that the exemptions in the said papers (including the exemptions granted in inter-related papers) are cancelled resulting in complications at the time of computation of results.
As per the revised process followed by the Institute, paper-wise exemptions applicable on the basis of 60% Marks Criteria are granted to the students automatically by the Institute and the same are shown in their individual accounts and also indicated in the Admit Card. Students who are not interested to avail the exemption may cancel the same by sending a formal request to the Institute at . However, students may please note that exemptions once cancelled cannot be revived under any circumstances. Students are advised to inform whether they want to retain or cancel the exemption by the last date for enrollment to examination i.e. by 9th April, 2017.
11 Non-submission of paper-wise exemption requests at Professional Programme Stage based on ICAI(Cost) Final Pass. The exemptions are not granted automatically resulting in complications at the time of appearing in the examinations. Students who are granted exemptions in Executive Programme Stage on the basis of ICAI(Cost) Final Pass are not automatically granted exemptions in Professional Programme Stage. Students are essentially required to submit formal request for exemption in Professional Programme Stage separately and students should not assume such exemptions are granted automatically by the Institute on the basis of their similar request at the Executive Programme Stage. Since the Executive Programme Students cannot be granted exemption in papers covered under Professional Programme, they should request for exemption only after their registration! enrollment to Professional Programme stage.
12 Non-regularisation of Provisional Registrations to Foundation Programme/ Executive Programme. This results in non- issue of Admit Card and! or cancellation of results. Students who have been provisionally registered to Foundation Programme & Executive Programme Stages of CS Course are essentially required to regularise their registrations within a maximum period of six months from their date of registration by submitting the proof of passing 10+2 Examinations / Bachelor’s Degree Examinations respectively failing which the registrations will be cancelled. Students appearing in the examinations must regularise their provisional registrations before submitting their examination forms to avoid complications at the time of examination enrollment & declaration of results.
13 Non-verification of the photograph & signature in Online Profiles Students are expected to point out discrepancies, if any, in the photograph & signature available in their online profile! account to avoid mismatches in Admit Card, Attendance Sheet, etc. In case photograph & signature are not available in the online account, students must upload the same at the time of examination enrollment process.


Have you correctly filled up the following?

1. Examination Centre

2. Combination of Module(s)

3. Medium of Examination

Have you checked the following?

1. Availability of correct photograph and signature in your online account

2. Validity of your existing registration

Have you gone through the following ?

1. Guidelines of paper-wise exemption and complied with the requirements thereof

2. Guidelines of switchover to new syllabus and complied with the requirements thereof

Have you successfully remitted the examination fee and downloaded the fee receipt / acknowledgement?

Have you regularized your provisional registration to Foundation Programme / Executive Programme by submitting the proof of passing 10+2 Examinations / Bachelor’s Degree Examinations respectively?

NOTE : In case your answer to any of the questions given above is “NO”, there is every chance of complications in your examination enrollment which may affect your enrollment, appearance, results, etc. Therefore, please make it a point to ensure compliance with all the check points given above to avoid complications in your examination enrollment.

Source- ICSI



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