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Migration to the New Online Portal

As the students are aware, the Institute has migrated to new Online Portal for most of the services being provided to the students. It has been observed that some of the students have reported minor issues while logging into the new portal due to the reasons furnished below. For the convenience of students, the solutions have been mentioned against each issue.

S.No. Difficulty Faced Solution
1. The system is not resetting the password even after entering my e-mail id, mobile number and date of birth Students are essentially required to enter the E-Mail Id, Mobile Number and Date of Birth as appearing in the existing portal and in case there is any mismatch, they will not be able to reset the password. In such case, students are advised login to the Old System and recheck the Mobile Number, E-Mail Id and Date of Birth as appearing in the Old System.
2. The system is not allowing me to login to the Portal even after resetting the password It has been observed that students are resetting the Password in the Old System and trying to login to the New Portal with the passwords so reset under the old system. Students are advised to reset the password at the following link only :

Procedure to Reset Password

The manual for resetting the password is available at the following link :

User Manual for Resetting the Password in new system

3. The system is not accepting the passwords being entered Students are advised to follow the criteria mentioned on the portal for passwords i.e. Upper Case, Lower Case, Numeric Character, Special Character, etc. For example, sample patterns to be used are Ss@12345, Ww@123a, Taak!782, etc.
4. The system is again asking for resetting the Password after logging into the portal As a security feature, all the users are required to reset the password at their “FIRST LOGIN” to the portal. The words “Old Password” means the latest / current password entered by the students in the new portal.
5. The system is not displaying the photograph and signature as uploaded by the students The photographs and signatures as uploaded by the students are displayed in the profile only after approval of such requests by the Institute. However, students may submit the examination form (even if the photograph & signature as uploaded by them is not being displayed) and submit the request. The photograph and signature will be updated on its approval.

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