When we start the journey with our aims is bigger and ambitions are higher, the road to success is never so easy. Some time we get stuck by obstacles, sometime gets tired by inner self.  But we all know who succeed, the one who overcome all the obstacles, doesn’t accept the failure, try and try again, think out of the box, finds his way when puzzled and most importantly learn from the mistakes.

While the current economic, financial, business and industry’s scenario is somehow boggling down everybody, what is important is to think out of the box and finds the way for future.

I would like to suggest a Simple way to visualize in your business, industry or economic environment, what was traditional and what going to be the future. This visualization will help you to further jolt down all the processes in and around the same to be lined up. You have to make those required changes to make them fall in line.

In this article we aim building an organization where people enjoy working, an organization that have satisfied clients/customers, organization which is in compliances with all regulatory requirements, organization which makes its money and in turn perform its duty towards society and country, thus we can said to be having a good corporate governance and socially responsible organization.

Now, the dreaming is simpler but making dream come true is a noble cause. It requires thinking and addressing the concerns. Any Organization generally made up of people and people in turn are divided into Team, their communication, dealings and thought process is blocked by hierarchy and their incentive and motivation is killed by internal competition. Customers/client satisfaction comes with the proper servicing and imparting complete product knowledge and customer rights, which gets compromised by the mis-selling and mis communicating the right product to right person. The client relations further get deteriorated when the organization don’t take courage to accept the mistake and try to maneuver the situation by loopholes, arguments and fake promises.

Traditionally the businesses and organizations have been built by making contacts, establishing link and relations with the customer and convincing all the chain of parties about the acceptability of new product/services. We call it an enterprising journey towards conceptualizing, innovating and marketing a product, rest all activities of the business will follow.

We feel, in the modern era of disruptive technology and ease of doing the business the traditional way of enterprising business is at Risk. Thanks to social media and world of web, where people do have access of anything and everything and they are very less exposed to individual influence based on his/her enterprising skill to do any deal and if they gets influences for a while, the post sales servicing and ultimate customer satisfaction will be required. Thus having a transparent product details, user guide and customer support desk is essential for each organization. We already see these processes in big brands and Products, but the point is nowadays it gets essential for each organization irrespective of their size and nature of business.

What does it mean, does it means that only organization which have the entire eco system will work? Well yes but in case of relatively small organization, they will have to avail the eco system. That’s where the big challenge comes up, how and HOW?

Here we foresee the differentiating factor to overcome the hurdle and that is the Human assets provided they are EMPOWERED. Now what is empowerment, Empowerment requires at multiple layer to build the human Asset. Organization need to empower their Human Capital and imbibe an open culture to come out of the comfort zone and traditional working culture of departmentalization and bottlenecks of hierarchy. Organization needs to empower their Sales force to do mutli product cross selling options. Organization needs to empower their back office to be more supportive to each function and be focused, involved and motivated to help attaining customer satisfaction. Organization need to empower the People by giving free hand (with in the permissible limits to try and test new innovative ideas) rather than let them getting stuck into hierarchical and departmental clearances. Organization needs to empower Human capital to perform to their fullest potential in an environment of team work and team spirit.

The implementation of empowerment is very much doable by collective steps of organization leaders and their team mates. Leaders can think of giving authority matrix, with in which limit the team leaders can try and innovate by taking their own decisions. Leaders can conduct the regular training sessions and focus on skills development and grooming their human assets. Leader can design the incentive structure, which motivates and incentivized each and team member for their respective efforts and performance for ultimate common objective.  Leaders can think through many more such ideas. Leaders to understand the human talent is like sand in your hand, the more you tighten the fist it blows out of your hand. Leaders need to take a firm grip on the direction in which the organization moves.

The objective is to make people come out of the old shell of working environment and taking the new leaps towards the New Age of Empowerment. With the new age empowered people on board the success of organization will find its own way.

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