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Dated 17.07.2018.


The Income-tax Department, Mumbai invites applications from qualified Chartered Accountant Firms (within the meaning of the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949) for empanelment as Special Auditors for the F.Y. 2018-19 and 2019-20, to carry out audit in accordance with the provisions of Sec. 142(2A) of the LT. Act, 1961. The remuneration for the Special Audit is governed by Rule 14B of the I.T. Rules, 1962.

  • Minimum Eligibility Criteria:

(a) The applicant should be a reputed firm including propriety concern engaged in the profession of accountancy, and auditing having a staff strength of atleast 10, and a minimum of 4 Chartered Accountants including partners/proprietor, working continuously for atleast last one year as on 31.03.2018. (Adequate evidences supporting the claim of staff strength and strength of CAs to be enclosed with the application and marked as Annexure-A)

(b) The applicant should have accountancy and auditing experience of a minimum period of 7 years as on 03.2018 (Supporting evidences need to be added with application and to be marked as Annexure-B)

(c) The applicant should have filed returns of income regularly upto A.Y. 2017-18 and the gross professional receipts of the applicant from accountancy and auditing exclusively declared therein should be at least Rs. 2 Crores or more in at least 3 of the last 7 years (i.e. from FY 2010-11 to FY 2016-17) (1). Evidence supporting claim in this respect needs to be enclosed with the application and to be marked as Annexure-C. (2). PANs, AO details of the applicant concern/firm and those of the partners need to be specified in the application)

(d) The applicant should not have been charged with having indulged in any professional misconduct and no complaint u/s.21 of the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949 for any irregularity should have been filed against the applicant, with the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

(e) No prosecution should have been launched under Chapter XXII of the Income-tax Act or under any other statute, against the firm or its partners or against the proprietary concern, as the case may be.

(f) There should not be any Income-tax dues outstanding against the applicant concern, or partners in case the applicant concern is a firm on the date of making the application.

(g) The applicant should not be facing any investigation/inquiry for tax evasion on the date of making the application.

(Declaration by the applicant in respect of fulfillment of clauses (d), (e), (f) and (g) as above needs to be enclosed with the application and to be marked as Annexure-D).

(h) The decision of the Department as regards the empanelment of CAs will be final and binding.

  • Terms and conditions:

(i) The remuneration including expenses of and incidental to any special audit shall be decided on a case-to-case basis in accordance with rule 14B of the 1.T. Rules, 1962, and shall be paid by the Department.

(ii) The empanelment of CAs shall be made at the discretion of the Department, and the decisions made shall be final. Apart from the above mentioned minimum eligibility criteria, the Department reserves the right to consider other relevant factors/inputs/feedback/etc. while finalizing the list of empanelment of CAs.

(iii) Application should be submitted in the format given in the notice. Any application which is not in the format, will not be entertained.

Chartered Accountant firms and proprietary concerns fulfilling the above criteria may submit the application along with complete address, contact number and e-mail ID and other enclosures as mentioned above to the office of the Addl. Commissioner of Income Tax (HQ) Co-ordination, R. No. 372, Aayakar Bhavan, Mumbai 400 020.

Last date for submission of application is 03.08.2018. The duly completed applications received between the date of publication of this notice till the due date i.e. 03.08.2018 will only be considered. This notice alongwith Proforma for application is also available on our website

Yours faithfully
Income Tax Officer (HQ) o-ordination, Mumbai
& Member Secretary, Committee for Empanelment of CAs.


1. Name of the applicant :

2. Complete Address of the applicant:

3. PAN of the applicant:

4. Details of the AO of the applicant:

5. Phone no. & Fax no. of the applicant:

6. Website address and email id of the applicant:

7. Details of the Partners/proprietor of the applicant:

SI.No. Name of the partner/proprietor PAN Details of AO Phone no 8s email id

8. Staff Strength and No. of CM:

i. Total Staff strength as on 31.03.2018.

ii. No. of CAs continuously working for at least one year as on 31.03.2018.

Evidence in support of (i) and (ii) above Enclose & mark as Annexure A

9. Minimum experience, empanelment with other Government Departments and details about outstanding work and suitability:

(a) No. of years of accountancy and auditing experience as on 31.03.2018 alongwith evidence No. of years: Enclose evidence and mark it as Annexure-B
(b) Is the applicant empanelled with any other Yes/No
If yes then specify details on separate sheet and enclose.

(c) Please indicate any outstanding work done earlier as an empanelled auditor for the Income Tax Department:

Years in which empanelled as an auditor Outstanding work done

(d) Please indicate (in not more than 500 words) your suitability to be empanelled as a special auditor on separate sheet.

10. Details of returns of income and gross professional receipts of the applicant:

Has the applicant filed returns of income regularly up to A.Y.2017-18? Yes/No

If yes then, the details of filing of return in the last 7 years
Assessment Year Date of Filing Returned Income
AY 2011-12
AY 2012-13
AY 2013-14
AY 2014-15
AY 2015-16
AY 2016-17
AY 2017-18
  • The amount of gross professional receipts from accountancy and auditing exclusively in the last 7 years along with evidences to be marked as Annexure C.
FY Gross professional receipts
From accountancy From
From accountancy and auditing Total

I I.Declaration to be enclosed by the applicant and marked as Annexure-D in respect of fulfillment of clauses (d),(e),(f) and (g) of this notice.

On behalf of the applicant______________________ (name of the applicant), I ______________________ (name of the proprietor/partner), in the capacity of partner/proprietor, am authorised to certify that all the above mentioned particulars are true and correct.

Seal of the applicant

Name and signature of the authorised person
Designation of such person:


The applicants are advised to ensure that the applications to be submitted should be duly filled in along with the following details. Incomplete and incorrectly filled in applications are liable for rejection:

  • Main application on applicant’s letter head
  • Annexure-A-supporting claim of staff strength
  • Annexure-B- supporting claim of years’ of experience
  • Annexure-C supporting claim of gross professional receipts from auditing and accountancy being atleast Rs.2 crores during the prescribed years.
  • Annexure-D- Self declaration in respect of fulfillment of clauses (d),(e),(f) and (g) of the notice.

All pages are to be duly signed and sealed.

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