Global business consultancy firm, Deloitte, plans to almost double its India workforce to 24,500 over the next 30 months, a top company official said. “We will hire around 12,000 people in every sector, including IT, CAs, financial services. The process has started and 40 per cent of the total hires will be freshers,” Deloitte India’s Managing Director Hari Kumar told PTI on the sidelines of the Nasscom Summit here today.
The recruitments would be across the 13 offices Deloitte has in India, Kumar said.

He, however, added that the firm was not very keen on expanding its operations (in terms of offices) in the country.

The firm, whose business grew by 3 per cent even during the downturn when others witnessed flat results, said it expected a similar growth this year also.

When asked if the company had laid-off any employees or slashed salaries, Kumar said, “we do not believe in a hire and fire policy. When everybody else was firing, we had hired at least 2,000 people last year.”

“We have also given a 120 per cent bonus to the top performers and 100 per cent to all our employees. We have also doubled our referral bonus to 140 per cent,” he said.

On his expectations from the forthcoming budget, Kumar said, “the Government should provide Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) concession for at least the next three years.”

The budget should be “industry friendly, making more jobs for the people,” he added.

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0 responses to “Deloitte to double workforce in India”

  1. Indian National says:

    I’m going to lodge a complaint made by Mr. Vishveh and if the comments made are not cleared. The complaint will be booked with human rights commission under right to dignity act.

  2. EX Deloitte Employee says:

    They fire employees without any advance warning. Today, close to 150 employees were told to forcibly sign on their resignations and were asked to leave the premises. They were not even given time to take a backup of personal data on laptops. Laptops were seized from them. Employees are at a loss as to what to do as they were not given any prior warning. Some of them were distraught and some were crying stating that they have children to take care of. It appears as though recession has hit a second time and all those rumours are true. The ugly face of economic meltdown is surfacing again. Beware and save your jobs all of you people. Good luck ex-employees of deloitte. We wish you find newer and more secure jobs very soon.

    This happened in Mindspace Rajeja IT Park, Hitechcity, Hyderabad. We are not sure how many more people were fired in different buildings.

  3. Ram says:

    Deloitte is firing so many people. Deloitte is rounding up its workforce.

  4. Indian experience says:

    Deloitte says about networking but this nothing but making mangers happy.
    Deloitte treat people like objects and through away them when not required.
    They down grade the rating of people and say that u have not performed.

    Actually they don’t have better project and opportunity. Better not to join who want to be better carrier in IT.

  5. hemen parekh says:

    No light at the end of the tunnel !

    Times of India ( June 11, 2011 ) reports :

     As per National Sample Survey Organization ( NSSO ) 2007 – 08 survey, the size of the Indian workforce is between 416 and 466 million

     Over 30 million Indians cannot find work despite being in the labor force and another 25 million are officially under-employed

     41.6 % of India’s population earn less than the International Poverty Line of $ 1.25 / day, in purchasing power parity ( PPP ) terms

     In the 11th and 12th Plan, the Planning Commission is expecting the creation of about 116 million jobs which would absorb 85 million increase in the labor force

     But during same period, India’s population will go up by 180 million !

    By the time NSSO 2011-12 report comes out ( hopefully , in 2015 ),

    the tunnel would have grown faster than the speed of light !

    With regards

    Hemen Parekh

    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

  6. Vishal says:

    It is easy to give advice in “good” words by sitting on sea sore; but it is only a person who experiences such a situation would put in writing like this. Imagine yourself in that position, where just couple of months before you are fired before your variable bonus. If Mr. KD is such confident, why he has used his initials of name instead of full name? Stop giving ‘free advice’. By knowing people in different organisation is just macro parametre. That way no body speaks the truth/real. Every one wants to be goodie goodie. The pain expressed is here is right and the people who have actually dared to write their actual experience should be appreciated. In fact even they would have enjoyed the BIG 4 before they are put in this helpless situation(actual loss of money + mental trauma. The truth comes out only when it is experienced.

  7. chandrakanth says:

    I totally agree with KD, Firstly some of you might be fired because you might really have done mistakes that you are in capable of admitting… secondly every company fires employees, remember ultimately every firm wants to make profits. and we all know that 2009 was a recession so work load might be a bit too much a some..
    but remember, deloitte is the biggest player in the big 4.
    it s the best place to start your career according to business week international survey 2009.
    and i personally know three people working in deloitte, who say that its really a nice place..
    finally please remember, even the best schools have few bad teachers, its all a part of life..
    kindly move on and embrace life..

  8. KD says:

    I have never seen such a pesimistic lot of guys like the bunch I could see here. It seems most of you have been fired by Deloitte. It is a normal norm that every fired employee will say bad words about his ex-company. If the company is so bad and if it has harrased you much, why you guys have not left the company before you were fired. If you are so confident, then why you allowed the company to fire you, you should have opted for a better jon on your own.

    My only suggestion is – Grow up and stop saying foul words about your ex-company.

  9. ramesh says:

    Generally, every company will do business with its clients. This is the basic principle.

    But the one and only one company which does the business with its employees is Deloitte. One simple example for it is; Deloitte utilizes it employees 200%, they will allocate work and make them used until they fall sick. Finally, before yearend they will fire employees without giving notice period and two months salary.

    In this way, they will save the two months salary from each employee being fired. And in addition it can also save the variable pay from that employee. This is one just simple example of deloitte business strategies.

  10. vishvesh says:

    There are so many examples on the harassment by MUDIGANTI SRINIVAS. He directly threats the people that he will remove from job; if they don’t do what he says.

    If we keep on saying, there will be never ending number of reasons.

    Finally, don’t join deloitte and get your careers spoiled. Try for other companies and build your career and stand on your own toes, instead of sucking manager’s like mudiganti srinivas in deloitte.

  11. vishvesh says:

    Mudiganti srinivas is hiring his relatives and giving them promotions even if they are not excellent.

    Even that is acceptable but to exaggerate about the people who are close to him; he tries to spoil other employees.

    Even then deloitte won’t take any action on him because deloitte gets more revenue from manager then one normal employee.

    So deloitte is not safe for people who are at the beginning of their career.

  12. vishvesh says:

    In deloitte induction, they will tell that deloitte is a matrix organization which means you can inform anyone if you face any harassment.

    But in practical, a manager MUDIGANTI SRINIVAS harassed one employee. When that employee informed about that harassment to top management, they removed that employee instead of removing that manager MUDIGANTI SRINIVAS.
    The moral is, deloitte policies are all thrash. So deloite should modify its policies.
    A manager in deloitte can harass his subordinates;- this should be the policy in deloitte.

  13. haresh says:

    I agree with Jack. I have seen some of the happen to several employees. Also, if you fall sick and not able to attend their stupid meetings and impossible deadlines, despite of the years in service you have put it you are out. Saw it happen to 2 employees that too when they had cancer. Just not a humane organization. Too cut throat. The same thing in an any other private sector company and they will not fire people and continue salary till they pass on or get better.

  14. lakshmi says:

    Government should ban companies like deloitte in India. This is my opinion.

  15. srimani says:

    Deloitte is a stupid company.
    No moral values, no process, no decency, no culture,no manners, never ending number of reasons.

  16. suresh says:

    Deloitte don’t have proper clients. People can’t improve their skills if they join deloitte.

    Employees in deloitte will be at the same level through out their career.

    People who want to improve their skills shouldn’t join deloitte.

  17. Jack says:

    I was an ex-employee of deloitte. Deloitte fired me even without giving me notice period or two months salary. Deloitte fired so many employees. As per my experience, the process of firing in deloitte is as given below.

    1) Initially they will identify the person whom they want to fire. Manager selects the employee whom they don’t like.

    2) As a second step, they will allocate so much of work to that employee. The employee has to work for atleast 16 hours a day to deliver that work. That much of work they will give to that employee.

    3) Next, they will harass the employee in meetings verbally in a sarcastic manner sometimes infront of all the employees. This verbal harassment is on sex,gender, race and religion etc.

    4)Next, the managers will use the employee USERID and Password and make some mistakes in his work. Employees won’t expect that they will do like that.

    5)Next, they will call the employee and make those mistakes as big issues eventhough they don’t effect the work. Here they will harass the employee directly verbally.

    6) Finally they will dig the dots in the employee and make them into big issues and they will fire the employee before yearend. Because if they fire before the yearend, they can save VariablePay and 2 months salary from each employee.

    7) Like this they will save Varibale Pay and 2 months salary from each employee fired from the company. All this is done by the toplevel management, so that they can show more profits at less cost and managers will get good promotion and hikes.

    8)But if you ask for notice period as per the rules, they will threaten you directly that they will terminate you so that an employee can’t get job outside.

    9) And one more thing is, if you are a relative to a manager they will give you good comments, ratings and star performer awards irrespective of your work. And if you suckup the seniors, they will give you onsite chances.

    10) So for people who want to have good career at deloitte, either they should be relative of manager or they should suckup the seniors. If you are in atleast one of those two, you will have good career at deloitte. Otherwise you won’t.

  18. swathi says:

    If the above statement that deloitte didn’t fire any employee is wrong, it clearly shows that deloitte doubles its workforce is also wrong.

    HariKumar might have delivered those type of statements just for publicity or to increase the share value of deloitte.All these might be management tricks

  19. Anitha says:

    Deloitte won’t believe in “Hire and fire Policy is wrong”.

    Deloitte fired so many people last year. In 3 months, it fired atleast 3000 people in India.

  20. Rani says:

    The below message which is delivered by Hari Kumar is completely thrash. Being a Managing Director,it is so sad to his false messages.

    When asked if the company had laid-off any employees or slashed salaries, Kumar said, “we do not believe in a hire and fire policy. When everybody else was firing, we had hired at least 2,000 people last year.”

    Deloitte laid-off so many employees. It has not only laid-off but it has also harassed the employees.

    People should not believe in these type of false messages and go into illusion about this company.

  21. CMA KUYATE N L says:

    This is an opportunity for Professional – Freshers as well as as experience holders to work with Such a wellknown Firm

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