Amid Coronavirus pandemic a big challenge is to start offices companies shops God has just given us new life and this life is full of opportunities and challenges.

Everyone needs to positive and calm in these situation and search the good opportunities in this pandemic.

This is a chance to change our lifestyle too and to avoid bad habits in the life. Many employers have habit of cost cutting to save the money but life of every person is important on this planet that Covid-19 already teaches us.

Amid Coronavirus pandemic employers need to treat employees & staff like a family and help them to grow instead to cut off their salaries and service industries treat the clients like a new born child and need to provide good and timely service so that they can grow easily.

Amid Coronavirus pandemic teaches us that we don’t so much money to live the life instead we can grow our employees workers needy ones and other family members friends and relatives.

Follow some general guidelines in the office as work from home model is not so much successful in our country due to lack of digitalization and Lockdown or no lockdown next 6 months to 12 months follow these precautions because virus is not gone anywhere just we have got the permissions to open our offices and companies.

1. Always be happy calm and positive don’t be panic in every situation.

2. Start living with corona virus.

3. Develop as much you can this is the chance to overcome the fears.

4. Motivate all the staff for working and growing and maintain hygienic office with all modern amenities in the office.

5. Keep updating yourself and also help your staff to grow along with study material and webinars.

6. Provide free sanitizers mask and hand gloves to our each staff.

7. Keep Sanitizer bottle with you always.

8. No handkerchief Take sanitizer & tissue if required.

9. Wear washed or fresh masks daily.

10.Wear washed socks in foot daily.

11. Daily wear washed cloths don’t use same cloths second day

12. Avoid barber shops and beauty parlors some days.

13. Don’t wear belt, rings, wrist watch, when you go out. Watch is not required. Your mobile has got time

14. Don’t bring the shoes into your house and office, Leave them outside

15. Clean your hands & legs when you come home from outside.

16. When you feel you have come nearer to a suspected patient take a thorough bath.

17. Use sanitizers or hand wash in office frequently.

18. Maintain social distance in office and while talking and in meeting also maintain distance.

19. Always keep tiffin with you and don’t share it for some days.

20. Eat home cooked healthy food and avoid outside food for some days

21. Avoid unnecessary travels for some days.

22. Avoid to go hospitals it is the main center to spread.

23. Take milk with turmeric (haldi doodh) every night it will reduce chances of diseases.

24. As there is no vaccine available follow some of our ayurvedic ideas for boosting immunity.

25. Always follow government rules.

26. Utilize your valuable time in work and growth updating yourself etc.

27. Avoid clients meeting in office for some days if urgency maintain social distancing

28. Believe in right people / associates / partners / manpower, trust deficit never comes to you.

29. Preserve for future if not preserved than start doing it as nobody will help in these conditions.

30. We have to work with limited time, limited staff and we need to think fast and work fast.

31. Always keep 6-12 months saving to avoid these pandemic.

32. Always do some yoga pranayama and home exercises to maintain our health.

All views are my personal views.


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