pri CA Final Law- Self Study Tips CA Final Law- Self Study Tips

I believe when we reach at final stage, we are already able to do great things.

Study theory subjects on your own or atleast initiate it. Earlier, the better.


1. It develops your interest in reading. Theory is something we tend to find boring. However, when you dive into it, you will understand it deeply and will be satisfied that you did it on your own.

2. It enhances your interpretation skills. Understand is a tricky game, the more you read it, more you’ll understand its meaning.

3. More the reading, stronger the memory. Ofcourse, as the ultimate goal is to learn the concept.

4. Save coaching fee (atleast 8k bucks).

Self Study Tips


✔️ For first time – Mindset- Plain reading, both concepts and questions.

✔️ Second time- Mindset- To understand the concepts or provisions by impression(visualize), association(linking) and repetition (highlight keywords). Also, you can read the relevant ques then come back to concept to understand it more.

✔️ Third time- Mindset- To learn or absorb it.

If you start follow this process, you would definitely grow. And, you may go for tuition if you feel like for better direction, but before that first do it own your own and judge for yourself.

I hope you find it helpful and show courage to do things yourself.

Thank you!


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