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CA Shikha Kotak

Ever dreamt of being in the world’s most elite profession? Yes I too did that. Realising your dreams not only needs the wish to achieve them but rather more the efforts & the will you put in to make it yours. We all have highs aims & ambitions in life. We have many hopes attached to our bright future. It is very natural to hope good, see bright but all these fancies when pulled to reality require you to be practical, focused & a SMART worker.

Here’s a piece of advice, guidance & few threaded beads of motivation for all you CA Dreamers straight from the heart of a CA herself.

Heard from your relatives, elders & friends CA is pretty tough? You need to put in 15-20 hours of mad hard work & yet there’s no guarantee for the result? I’m sure you all might have come across these claims a lot many times in your study phase of CA career. Firstly to suppress your fears I would love to claim the reverse of these myths. CA yes is the Guinness book of world records toughest ranked course but that is in terms of the curriculum it covers, the exposure it gives the students & the champions it creates out of the young minds. That doesn’t mean one has to slog madly 15-20 hours a day to clear any level of CA exams for that matter.

SMART work is the your key to being a CA. Let me tell you even if you work & study for 15-20 hours a day there’s no sure shot success unless your CONCEPTS are clear. Thus what our institute expects of its students is CONCEPTUAL CLARITY of each & every topic spanned in the various subjects. If a child has clear concepts any level of problems & questions can be answered logically by him/her.

To clear your concepts what is necessary on your part is to understand every topic you study in depth, which means checking up every nook & corner of the topic not leaving any doubtful questions in your mind & then moving ahead with the next topic. Secondly avoid the hush of rushing to the next topic unless the previous one is totally clear in your mind. Complete everything you do in full & then proceed ahead.

Always try to start your preparation with at the most two subjects per day. This will give you sufficient time & space to grasp every detail of the subject which is important. As a matter of choice my personal opinion is pick one theory & one practical subject at a time. Theory is usually burdensome to handle for long hours so try to divide your time between theory & practical switching equally between both. Practical subjects give you the enthusiasm to solve & get the answer so they are mind grasping while theory subjects impart you the necessary detailed text of the subjects.

The third most highlighting point during your preparatory phase is self-analysis. See notice how much time you take to complete a page or say a particular topic & then accordingly plan your time table covering all the subjects you are appearing for. When I say appearing for the question comes to your mind how do I choose which group of subjects to appear for. Yes this is equally a crucial decision that you shall be faced with. For making a sound choice ask yourself how much time do I take to finish one subject, how much time is available on hand, can I finish all the subjects once before the exam along with a few days on hand for revision? After this self-introspection I’m sure you have the answer to your question. Choose accordingly.

Giving both groups together at IPCC & Final Level gives to the unvaried advantage of what we call SET-OFF of marks where in your marks in either of the group compliment to make the requisite total for passing. While if you have less time or even a 1% doubt on your aptitude of handling such a huge bundle of subjects go for one. There’s no hard & fast rule as to which choice is better. Passing or failing at the exam is simply a matter of clear concepts, upto the mark point to point answer , presentation of answers & sober command over the language you are writing (I DON’T mean FANCY ENGLISH here).

Fourthly as a student I’m sure all of us have the exam pressure mounting as the exams come nearby. This is yes very obvious to go through as the D-day comes nearer. But why fear when you are so thoroughly prepared? Yes calm down. Take time revise every important topic in depth. Again the question now how do I know what’s important from exam point of view. Yes here’s to your aid what our institute releases as Practice Manual. This book in its initial pages has given chapter wise average marks on the basis of previous 10 years papers. Take a look at that rank them in the order of their priority & ONE DAY before the exam FOLLOW this RANKING. In this way the chapters asked for more marks will be covered by you & the ones with less weightage probably need to be rushed at the end but that’s manageable.

During the exams sleep well & try not to distract yourself with other activities after all these few days are going to make your future then why take a chance right. Buck up. It’s never too late to achieve your dreams. If being a CA is your dream do everything but show the world nothing is impossible if you have the strong willed determination to achieve it.

Try not using reference books to the extent possible. Stick your preparations to the study material, practice manual, revision test papers & suggested answers released by our institute. They are fairly well written & cover every topic in its correct sense.

To keep up your spirits it is equally important time & again your remind yourself soon you are going to be a part of the worlds most respected & renowned profession. Imagine the pride your parents & close one’s will feel for you when you reach the top. So never forget once you enter the only way OUT is ACHIEVEMENT.

Here’s wishing all the readers all the very best for a bright future. I hope my words somewhere must have impacted your minds & souls.

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