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Mohan Thulasingam

Mohan ThulasingamBargain means a method to strike a deal or settlement through an interaction involving two or more persons. It’s a negotiation made to arrive at a mutual answer or agreement. Bargain is very popular among the business communities for generating profits. However, it is very common in daily life. Parents strike a deal with the kids to motivate the latter for good performance and discipline by promising a gift or anything the children wish. Trade union leaders bargain with business owners to win favors for themselves and the workers. Globally, countries bargain for securing rights to the ownership and use of resources. However, one should desist from bargaining under the following situations.

Purchase of Handmade goods. Any person will appreciate the intricate skill and manual labour that go into the production of beautiful handicrafts and artifacts such as stone and wooden carvings. Naturally, one shall not bargain when buying such artistic goods.

deal-bargain-sticker-offer-sale-discount-priceSmall-time traders. No one bargains with the big showrooms when purchasing the jewelry or textile.  Because it becomes an issue of ego and insult to their status. However, the same people argue with the petty traders and hawkers for reducing the prices of commodities like vegetables, fruits, etc.

Health matters. Growth and upkeep are the two vital components of human health. A person should never compromise the health through over-smartness of cutting down the food intake or rest. In fact, money spent for good nourishment is the best investment one can ever make. Because, wealth cannot make a person happy without good health.

Medical treatment. Any serious illness requires proper medical treatment. There are people who lost their loved ones due to the bargain made in getting cheap medication and treatment. However, one should be alert as not to be cheated by the medical profession. A popular hospital collected double the normal fees from a person after knowing the high post he occupied in a government office. But when this person pointed out the double standards of the hospital, the latter refunded half the fees to him. Therefore, one can collect the cost details from the best three hospitals and analyze to arrive at the cheapest but the most reliable one.

Charities. Any donation done out of compulsion will lead to a bargain only. Parents are forced to shell out donations to get admission in a good school or college. Corporates donate to the political parties expecting a favor in return. The owner of a business approached the staff of a bank that sanctioned certain credit limits to his firm,  to donate to a trust and avail the benefit of income tax exemption. He also arranged funds from his business for this purpose.

When helping others, do not expect anything in return. That too, when somebody is in distress, bargaining for personal and pecuniary gains is an inhuman act.

Emergencies. No transport will be available to reach the rail or bus station during heavy rain. Someone suffers high fever or needs urgent medical care. In such circumstances, a person must not waste time in bargaining with the taxi or auto drivers for reaching the destination or hospital.

So exercise caution in your bargaining and ensure that nobody suffers any discomfort or loss.

(Author is a Ex-Banker and can be contacted on tmohan0311@hotmail.com)


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