The 8 Secrets of Success is transcribed from a TED-ED lecture by Richard St. John. He took more than 500 interviews of successful persons over the world including Bill gates, Jeff Bezoz, Larry Page, Richard Branson, Oliver Stone, Deepak Chopra, Sergey Brin etc.

The Secrets of Success are as follows.

  1. Love what you do (Passion)
  2. Work Really Hard
  3. Focus on one thing not on everything
  4. Keep pushing yourself
  5. Come up with good ideas (Listen, Observe, Be Curious, Ask Questions, Make Connections, Solve Problems)
  6. Keep improving yourself on what you do
  7. Serve others of some value because success isn’t just about me me me
  8. Persist, because there is no overnight success

The eight things are heart of the success and other skills can be added on to these as per requirements of your field or career. Such as Creative Skills, Management Skills, Computer Skills, People skills, Analytical Skills, Technical Skills, etc.

But no matter what field we are in the above eight things will be at the heart of your success.

Please watch the following video on YouTube.

8 Traits of Successful People By Richard St. John.

(Written By CA Rajesh Pabari. Contacts for feedback and sharing your views.)

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0 responses to “8 Secrets of Success by Richard St. John”

  1. M. A. Waseem says:

    I would like to change Point No. (1) from “Love what you do (Passion)” to

    1. Do what you Love (Passion)


  2. v r nayak says:

    very nice article,thanks CA Rajesh Pabari

  3. sudarshana says:

    Looks very simple but very important. Applied to everybody.

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